Six Rules to Make Equal Shared Parenting Work

When a child is being kept far from the parent or the parent has split into two they will still have a lot of responsibilities to do. Keeping the child under their custody has to be done according to the rule. They should see to the child’s growth till he/she stands on his/her leg. The custody can be done in two ways joint custody or equal shared parenting. When both of the parents get divorced the court will decide on what the parents should do to take care of their child indirectly. They must help them in almost all forms like education, skills, activities, food, cloth, and still, there are many more.

  • All these things have to be divided equally between the couple. When you keep your child at your custody one should not talk rubbish about the ex to the child. You should together also not speak about the negative things happened in your life when you were together. When you tell your child about it then they will also start to think about it and will also think about themselves.
  • The divorce decision that you have taken is up to you but when it comes to the custody section you have to completely focus on the child. The joint custody will be good when they keep their ego aside and cherish their time by enjoying with the children. It is your responsibility to provide the child with what it wants.
  • You have to list a schedule on when to do the need for your child and make them happen on time. You should not make the kid wait for your help. You should not get emotional instead you should focus on what the kid needs.
  • You have to do the needful for your child by paying the school fees on time, and also a place for your kid to stay, the main thing that you have to is getting them their loving clothes and you have to make them feel comfortable.
  • When you are planning to take care of your child by joint custody you need to decide for the dates. From Monday till Wednesday the baby will be complete with the mom and from Thursday till Saturday with dad likewise, the rotation should take place. You can even have alternate week plans like one week with the mom and the other week with the dad. By doing this, will also make the kid more comfortable.
  • In the case of joint custody, the main key thing in it is communication. This will even help you to communicate with your ex and there are many chances for you to get reunited with your ex-partner.

Final words:

Becoming a parent will be hard and being a super parent for your child will be even more challenging. When it comes to divorce more than the partners their child will feel very difficult to face their future. In that way, this custody methodology will help the child to feel like some support from his/her parents are still around.