Six Reasons Why Switching To A Menstrual Cup Is The Best Idea During Quarantine

When the news of lockdown starts roaming the world, all of us got crazy about stocking the necessities of life. One thing that people went mad about was toilet papers. Toilet papers were the most in-demand panic buy of the pandemic. Supermarkets were all out of stock, and bars mockingly started selling them along with the drinks. The matter got so ridiculous that the government had to sell them under their surveillance. But one thing only ladies got worried about is the stock of sanitary pads and tampons. A twitter thread revealed the hilarious incidents that happened to them while they were trying to panic buy the stock of sanitary products. But was it necessary?

Well, we’re not here to talk about the global trend of stocking things for the lockdown. But the smart ways we could have switched to during this time of global crisis. Especially when it comes to personal hygiene, there are other changeable options that ould have taken. Let’s talk about menstrual hygiene. Pads and tampons have to be bought in bulk to be enough for you to survive during the lockdown. However, a menstrual cup can save you from spending so much money on them and keeping almost waste-free.  You can even buy the most comfortable menstrual cup according to your size and flow online.

Here are six ways proving that now is the time to try the famous menstrual cup.

No Bulk Buying

Pads and tampons have to be bought in an excessive amount to be kept and use for this whole time. Whereas a menstrual cup is only a single, one-time buying product. This way, you can make personal hygiene accessible to everyone. The panic could have been resolved.

You’re Free to Try and Error

Well, it must have been a big issue for you to get the hang of inserting and removing these menstrual cups. Unlike pads and tampons, they are more tricky and complicated to be used and require practice. But since you’re home now, you have the time and space to perform the task.

Menstrual cups are the only sanitary product that, instead of absorbing the blood, catches them directly into the vessel. They have to be fold and fully inserted through the vaginal opening to be held inside and got sealed. The process sure sounds confusing and complicated, but once you get to the point where you become comfortable with the inserting, you won’t be turning back to your old tampons.

You’re in You Bathroom; The Removal is Easy

To remove a menstrual cup. You pull the stem that is at the end of the funnel-like cup. Slightly pinching it at the bottom to unlock the seal. They only danger in this is the mess it might create, because of you pulling it out a little harder or rashly.  This could be really embarrassing if you’re using a public toilet. But since you’re home these days, it is easy for you to practice.

Get More Comfortable at Home

Pads feel like you’re sitting on the cushion all the time. You have to be sure with your postures not to produce any leak. This is a major worry inside and out. Although you have to be all proper and lady-like outside the home. But once you get back to your den, all you want to do is to be comfortable. Sit improperly, get comfy between the cushions, and enjoy the movie. This is very much possible with a cup. The cup seals the area with its end and is more secure in terms of creating any type of leak. Just put it in and be your best self.

No Smell Around the House

Now that you’re home 24/7 with your family. You can’t let go of the fact that you have to smell fresh, even on your days of periods.  You can not take the risk of feeling like an old vegetable in the fridge. Or get ready to be mocked by your siblings or partner. People tend to find small things about routine impulsive and can get into a significant dispute because of that if they have to spend every minute of every hour with the same people. Using the menstrual cup that instead of absorbing the blood catches it, is the safest thing to do. This thing will keep you all fresh all day, and not worry will be on your head about smelling bad.

Pocket friendly

When things are on lockdown, and the next salary is uncertain, you sure don’t wanna spend a lot on everything. Saving itself is the key to a better approach, regardless of the situation. But during this time it would be the best thing to think about having some money on the safe side. Since you don’t have to buy more than one of the menstrual cup. You can invest in buying only one. The manufacturers of the D cup have stated that the cup could be useful for a time period of 1-2 years. It also depends on the situation you’re keeping it. Things last when you take care of them. A discoloring cup is the ultimate indication of replacement, whether it has been a year or not. This eco-friendly, budget-friendly feature of the most comfortable menstrual cup has to be the biggest reason for switching your pads or tampons to it.

 The menstrual cup is not anything new. It has been around since the time of early 1898. But it more than two decades to be spread around the USA. And, up till now, there is a vast population of ladies that yet have to find out about the menstrual cup. It is rightly said the necessity is the mother of invention, and in this time, when each and asset could be useful. Switching towards a better option is what we should do. Whether it has to start from your hygiene, it is essential and has to be done.