Six Important Things to Consider Before Investing in Bass Drum Pedals

The bass drum pedal is a must-have part of drummers’ repertoire. It helps to establish a connection between the foot and bass drum. The problem is the inconvenience that can become an obstruction while playing. Therefore, musicians need to consider a few things before investing in the bass drum pedals. 

Manufacturers have been trying to enhance the playing experience with different variants. So, you need to check various types of pedals to find the perfect one. If you are about to invest in your drum kit, you should not miss this article on bass drum pedals.

bass drum pedals

1. Type of Pedal: 

Choosing the right type of bass drum pedal is not an easy task, especially when it comes to amateurs. Most players generally opt for strap driven pedals. Also, direct-drive pedals have become highly popular nowadays. The direct-drive mimics the classic pedals and buyers should look before deciding.

Buyers need to prioritize the sound and comfort while investing on bass drum pedals. It will help you to develop new techniques from time to time. One must remember, practice is essential in music; only by investing will not help to enhance the skills. If you are buying pedals for the first time, you can purchase a standard one before switching to advanced variants.

 2. Specs:

Manufacturers are trying to come up with something new; people can see new specs almost every day. The specs often make it challenging to come to a decision. Buyers are suggested to check the specs in detail. If you are not sure about it, you can check some videos on YouTube. Homework plays a vital role when you are buying something. Make sure to conduct thorough research before choosing bass drum pedals. No doubt, it will be advantageous

 3. Lightweight: 

Over the years, manufacturers are trying to make pedals lightweight and durable. Heavy pedals are not convenient for playing up to a long time as players get tired quickly. On the other hand, lightweight pedals are designed to offer the highest convenience so that musicians can take their skills to a new level. Some of the bass drum pedals are known for their lightweight design, ease of playing, and durability. If you are about to invest in bass drum pedals, you should look for a lightweight pedal. 

bass drum pedals

4. Shortboard or Longboard: 

Shortboard bass drum pedals are very popular. This type of pedal is used for years. Shortboard pedals are ideal for different kinds of music, and unless there is no such requirement of producing specific sound, the shortboard pedals will be a perfect choice. Longboard pedals are also preferred by many. So, it would be best if you try it before making a decision. 

 5. Set a Budget: 

Setting the budget for bass drum pedals is the hardest part for musicians. The more you spend, the better you will get, this is the rule of buying instruments. A lot of people seemed to be confused when it comes to the budget. If it is not possible to spend hundreds of dollars on the bass drum pedals; you can set a budget at the beginning.

This factor will give you a few options so that you can choose as per the size of your pocket. Exceeding the budget is not a good idea, so this trick will help you to explore the available options thoroughly. 


The experts have shared the tips as mentioned above for buying bass drum pedals. Follow these tips so that you can understand how to invest in the drum kit and get the right instrument. It is always wise to make an informed choice.