Six Different Types of Medical Transportation Services

Medical transport services can help individuals in a number of ways. There are emergency and non-emergency medical services. There are numerous reasons as to why an individual might have to get in touch with a medical transport service to assist them in getting around when they are injured or physically impaired.

Medical transportation services also assist senior citizens, particularly those who are admitted to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, to reach their appointments. The service-providing vehicles are spacious enough to accommodate any facilitating medical equipment such as oxygen tanks or walkers that a patient might need to carry with them.

The elderly are often fragile, and they are more prone to getting injured during a turbulent ride in a regular cab or a bus. Medical transportation in Fort Worth TX, provides the safest means of conveyance that seniors can use to get to and from their medical appointments or hospital visits without any hassle. These transport vehicles often come with a wheelchair lift or any other special equipment that might be required.

There are several different types of medical transportation services to carry patients to and from the medical facilities and save lives in case of emergencies. These medical transportation services are available for all patients and can usually be accessed 24/7 throughout the year. The patient’s medical state, mileage, as well as the severity of the situation, determines which type of transportation will be required.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Non-emergency medical transportation also referred to as NEMT, is provided to patients who need some extra support and care at a substantially economical rate than emergency ambulance transportation. It serves patients who are bed-ridden, immobilized patients on wheelchairs, bariatric patients, as well as patients with special safety or health concerns.

There are varying levels of services provided, and a different number of drivers might arrive at the scene based on the patient’s specific requirements. NEMT is pretty much like a taxi service for the elderly who have medical conditions or disabilities, as well as patients who are recovering from an injury or serious illness.

It operates to provide medical and non-medical transportation assistance for people who may not be in an emergency situation but are facing difficulties in their ability to travel and move. Non-emergency medical transportation services use large and spacious vehicles like vans that follow the appropriate safety protocol, contain the required medical equipment, and are customized or modified to accommodate different types of passengers or patients.

Ambulatory Transportation

Ambulatory transportation is one of the most common types of non-emergency medical transportation. It is a service for patients who do not require any extra medical equipment to travel and are able to walk or are only in need of minimal assistance. Ambulatory services are utilized in the case of an emergency. If you require critical care or long-term inpatient treatment, air ambulance california help by airlifting patients safely. Their medical staff is skilled and experienced with highly complex cases.

For instance, if you experienced a fall and injured your leg, you are in a car accident and cannot drive yourself to the hospital or some other emergency scenario. Ambulatory transportation services can be expensive, and it is important that you only use these services in case of an actual emergency. Because of the associated expenses, ambulance rides are generally held in reserve for life and death circumstances.

Stretcher Transportation

It provides travel services to patients who suffer from back medical conditions or those who are unable to sit upright. It is typically reserved for patients who cannot move or get up and are bed-ridden. Booking this service suggests that emergency assistance is not needed at the time of arrival or during transit.

There are several different reasons as to why a patient might become limited to a stretcher for transportation. In order to transport stretchers safely, a specialized vehicle is required. Non-emergency medical transportation is able to accommodate stretcher patients as long as the situation is not an emergency.

Wheelchair Transportation

Patients who cannot walk independently or those restricted to a wheelchair need extra help offered by wheelchair transportation. In some cases, individuals can be moved from their wheelchair onto a vehicle seat, and in other cases, patients feel more comfortable in their chairs. The vehicle must be equipped with the proper hookups and restrains to keep the chair secured in the vehicle so that it stays stable during transit.

Wheelchair vans and lifts are operated by CPR-trained drivers. Wheelchair transportation is available for rent, and special attention is offered to patients who have disabilities. Again, using the wheelchair transportation service suggests that the patient is not in need of instant emergency assistance at the time of the service.

Flight Escorts

Medical flight escort services are there to facilitate patients who are healthy enough to commute by air but need special medical assistance because they cannot sit upright or have difficulty conversing. Using such escort service suggests that a private air ambulance is not required.

These services usually provide an onboard nurse to assist the patient and monitor their condition during the flight. At the arrival, the nurse would coordinate with the ground transportation – family members, taxi, or medical transportation – to make sure that the patient reaches their destination safely.

Door-Through-Door Transportation

Some patients might need door-through-door transportation if they require help in getting out of their residence and into their medical appointment. The transportation service provides trained and expert drivers who physically assist the patients onto a stretcher, a wheelchair, or simply or simply provide support as they walk out of their residence.


Taking care of our elderly family members and relatives is incredibly important. However, driving them to their frequent medical appointments or hospital visits, taking them out for groceries, or getting them to various events can be quite challenging.

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