Six advantages of having mobile apps for events

Smartphones or smart devices were born in response to a need for society to connect to what surrounds them increasingly. Thus, these small “pocket computers” arose that could even replace a conventional computer.

Users have already applied the infinite possibilities smartphones offer to their daily lives. They connect to the Internet to check email, manage their time and tasks through the calendar, or use their phone as a camera to record their experiences. However, this significant advance of smartphones in private life has not spread in the same way to professional life.

In the application markets of the various operating systems and the Apps designed to facilitate users’ daily lives in their personal lives, you can also find applications primarily focused on the business field. However, some of these applications can apply to the organization and management of events, adapting to the organizer’s needs.

Six Advantages of Event Apps

  1. In the first place, the mobility they provide the event organizer can be pointed out since, just by having an Internet connection, they can place all the relevant information for the organization online and access it comfortably at the time and place you want.
  2. This ease of access also entails more incredible speed since the so-called “event bibles” eliminate, in which searching for a specific document can be highly complicated. At the same time, a file browser on the smartphone provides the desired information in less time-space.
  3. In addition, the use of a mobile app in the organization of events enhances collaboration. Since a single person does not organize an event, instead, it has a team that supports and helps you in everything you need. Having all the necessary documents for this human team to work in the online environment encourages coordination and cooperation. Everyone can quickly and easily access all the indications for the event to develop correctly.
  4. Coupled with this advantage is the optimization of teamwork and improved efficiency by directly connecting all organizing team members. New work instructions arrive faster at all levels.
  5. On the other hand, the traceability of the different activities carried out in the event’s organization and management is achieved as exhaustive monitoring of the various process stages can be done.
  6. Finally, having all the documents online represents a significant saving of paper, helping to make the event more ecological from the beginning of its development. To transmit information to the different team members, it is not necessary to photocopy documents since they have them in their pocket thanks to their smartphone. This paper-saving can extend to many other areas, such as sending digital invoices or communications via email.


However, theĀ advantagesĀ of using smartphones do not refer only to the organizational field. Still, eventĀ attendeesĀ can also enjoy them since their smartphones provide aĀ more complete and extensive experience.Ā 

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