Situations When You Need a Potable Drinking Water Station

If you find yourself with a hot, sweaty day in the field and no way to quench your thirst, a portable water station is a must-have. A portable water station is great because it’s lightweight, easy to carry anywhere, and easily stored. Whether in an outdoor classroom setting or an outdoor festival or stadium, these stations can help keep your water fresh.

Here are 9 situations when you need a portable drinking water station:

  • Outdoor use
  • Camoing and hiking
  • Indoors
  • Educational purposes
  • Areas without access to clean water
  • Health fairs
  • Any unexpected situation
  • Hunting
  • Sporting events

Outdoor Use

A portable water station is a small, collapsible water container that holds one gallon of fresh drinking water. These stations provide clean drinking water for people with limited potable (drinking) water access.

Think about how many times a day you need to take a drink. In the classroom, in the field, at a music festival or sporting event, among other places where you will be outside all day. The times when you need water are more numerous than we realize.

The water in most of our tanks, jugs, and bottles will not get us through all these periods if it is not fresh. Portable water stations allow you to do that by carrying one with you wherever you go.

Camping and Hiking

Whether you are camping or hiking, there are times when dehydration can set in quickly. If you do not have access to a clean water supply, having one of these stations can help solve the problem.


You also need something like this to carry inside your classroom or office. If the water for the building is being shut off for work being done, a portable water station can help keep the kids or employees hydrated and productive.

Educational Purposes

Remember the days when we used those drinking fountains in school? These fountains were hard to reach and filled with germs. Now think about the number of kids running through the halls. With a portable drinking station, you can hold your children’s water bottle or cup and fill it up from your container. This is much more sanitary and much easier for kids to use.

Areas Without Access to Clean Water

If you are trying to help a community in need, restocking water stations with new clean water each day can be time-consuming and expensive. However, potable drinking water tanks are easy to move around and refill as needed, thus saving some time and money while still helping those who need it most.

Health Fairs

Many community health fairs offer a way for people to receive healthcare or medical information (often for free). If you have portable water stations on hand, it is easier than ever for attendees to stay hydrated and healthy.

Any Unexpected Situation

You can’t always plan for a rainy day, but you can plan for your personal drinking water needs by keeping one of these stations in your car or home. You will be glad you did when the next flood comes around or when the power goes out.


If you plan to spend the day on the hiking trail, or transporting a big game animal, then make sure everyone you are with has a full 2 liters of water per day.

Sporting or Cultural Events

If you plan on attending any outdoor sporting or cultural events, including concerts, where there will be mass transportation to the event, make sure everyone has at least 2 liters of water per day.

Final Thoughts

These portable water stations have many uses and are helpful for the common person, the community, or the country. They can save time and money while still giving you enough clean water to stay healthy, productive, and hydrated. The standard portable water station can hold up to one gallon of water and easily move around.

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