Sitara and Rise: Freeing Entrepreneurs from Trauma to Realize Their Dreams

For decades, the business world has operated under the misconception that the personal can be kept separate from the professional. While we can all agree that our insecurities and problems should be left at the door of our workplaces, the reality is that they come inside with us, welcome or not. “That can cause immense difficulties, especially for entrepreneurs,” says Sitara Fe, a born psychic and founder of Monad. “Growing a company originates from your heart, but when it is full of doubt and fear, the entrepreneur struggles to build momentum and find fulfillment. At Monad, I help them to both discover their true self-worth and grow their businesses so that they can reach their dreams.”

When Sitara was only 28, she was ranked among the Top 5 Female Psychics and Mediums in the US by the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums, receiving over 17,000 nominations. She says that her awakening of her own psychic abilities in her early 20s helped her to resolve emotional pain that was holding her back.

“I was like a lot of people, struggling with trauma and numbing myself to it,” Sitara remembers. “Alcoholism, bad decisions, and horrible experiences all led me to the moment when I wondered if this was really it. There had to be more to life than just this.”

Her deep questions about life went unanswered until she was in college, when she took a meditation class that she describes as “psychic kindergarten.” On the verge of graduating with a psychology degree, Sitara sensed that she still had more healing to do before she could help other people with their own pain. She ultimately chose to leave grad school to join a clairvoyant program, where she learned that some of her wounds came from other lifetimes. By awakening and strengthening her natural gifts as a medium, she was able to heal from that unresolved pain and find true inner peace.

“At the same time, I had a lot of entrepreneurial instincts, and I eventually worked both as a business coach and on a global crypto project,” Sitara says. “I launched my first Mastermind in 2016, and even though I didn’t have a launch plan or advisor, it sold out. I had a natural ability to create business plans, analyze them, see their weaknesses, and devise solutions. That business drive in me is as strong as my psychic abilities.”

It was only natural that her two passions came together. Sitara believes that people don’t have business problems – instead, they have personal problems that affect their businesses. An entrepreneur can have an incredible idea, but if they are impacted by emotional pain or insecurities, their company won’t succeed as it could.

“To empower business owners, I created Rise, Monad’s full-year certification course in psychic reading and business development,” Sitara explains. “It is designed to help them to tune into their natural abilities, heal their spirits, and receive training in how to strengthen their companies.”

She says that everyone has psychic abilities that are lying dormant within them. Through Rise, she teaches individuals to tune into their energy field so that those abilities can wake up. 

“What people normally find out is that they are already using them,” Sitara reveals. “I help them understand the abilities they are using naturally, which encourages others to open up. It starts a domino effect, and over time, people are able to heal their spirits from trauma.”

Rise also centers on business development and training. Throughout the year, participants attend one-hour classes three times each week. While each Zoom-course is live and led by Sitara, it can be accessed 24/7 via Monad’s digital library. 

“Our courses provide participants with actionable strategies for growing their brands online, optimizing their companies’ operations, and freeing themselves of their inner cage,” says Sitara. “We don’t shoot people out of the cannon. Instead, we stick with them and support them each step of the way so that they can create a solid foundation for themselves and feel confident.” 

Among the digital courses that participants take are “Release and Rise,” designed for people who have experienced sexual assault, physical abuse, childhood trauma, betrayal, or neglect; “Grow Your Soul-Centered Business,” created for those who want to use social media to market their offerings; and “Embody Your Higher Self,” developed for individuals who would like to peel away the layers of society programming and see who they really are. 

“When you successfully complete Rise, you will be certified in psychic reading and business development,” Sitara states. “More than that, however, your heart and spirit will be at peace. You will be able to trust in your own abilities and feel secure in your purpose. All else will flow from that.”

Monad, founded by psychic Sitara Fe, is a Quantum School for Intuitive Entrepreneurs and is setting the gold standard for psychic certification, training, and legitimacy. It is a hub for intuitives, creatives, and business owners who have always felt a power and drive within but have been at a loss as to how to channel it into embodying their full potential. Through Rise, its courses, and intuitive business development coaching, Monad works to guide everyone to understand that they are an energy being before they are human and to use this knowledge to find more purpose and fulfillment in their life.