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Get Rid Of Your Vocal ‘Break’ And Reach Higher Notes With Effortless Strength

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You can easily develop a beautiful singers voice with effortless vocal agility

Hi, I’m Melanie Alexander, I’m an experienced vocal coach, and I’ve experienced some incredible successes as a singer as well,

Throughout my singing career I’ve recorded 7 albums… with two albums that went Platinum and another that went Gold, having a hit singles in Australia & Asia as part of a band called “Girlfriend”


I’ll share with you more on that in a moment but first…

Wouldn’t it be great to shock those around you with a new singing voice?

let me ask you something…

Have you ever found yourself alone, singing a song… maybe out of tune…

Only to realize a co-worker or family member listening and making fun of your ability?

Or maybe it was an insensitive joke, like: “Don’t give up your day job”.

We shrug these things off and pretend they don’t bother us – but it hurts… and it ruins our joy of singing.

Would it excite you, that within a matter of weeks, you could…

Sing so incredibly well and with such power and expression… that when people listened to your voice, they felt goosebumps and welled up with emotional tears?

You’ve just ‘killed it’ at the karaoke bar!

Or at choir practice…

As the group sings, everyone is wondering where that new incredible voice is coming from…

Afterwards, everyone turns around and asks: “Was that YOU?”

What a rush that would be! Right?

You can train your voice and become a brilliant singer! Unfortunately, most folks think great singing is a ‘gift that you are born with’ so they don’t bother trying to improve or move past their self-perceived limitations.

Many have cheated themselves out of the satisfaction and joy of singing beautifully.

They have missed out on a rich life experience.

Why? Because they tried it a few times in their life, and because they weren’t amazing at it straight away, they decided they were terrible.

You too can maximize your singing range with vocal agility and resonance – with FAST results.

With some simple daily vocal exercises, you’ll notice a stronger voice with greater agility in no time!

Learning the CORRECT techniques is what makes all the difference – and quickly.

Stop telling yourself “I can’t sing”! It’s the same defeatist attitude as saying “I can’t cook” or “I can’t swim”.

You’ll be surprised how learning to sing (well) is so easy!

It’s just a matter of ‘fine tuning’ your vocal cords.

In fact, the beauty of the vocal cords is that they respond to exercise very quickly. It’s a delicate muscle that only needs minutes a day to tune – provided you know how to tune your voice the right way.

It doesn’t matter if you failed music in school,

or you’re the worst singer in your choir…

Even if people have called you tone deaf!

Just follow my simple steps, and before you know it; you’ll have amazing vocal agility and power that resonates effortlessly.

Imagine in just a short time from now, you’re stepping up to the karaoke stage… or a singing in a church choir.

You’re feeling more confident and alive than ever before,

You open your mouth and sing the first note with perfect pitch, strength, and tone…

Every note that follows, flows out of the depths of your soul like a comforting warm summer breeze – effortless and pure, enveloping anyone in ear’s reach.

Every person is hanging on every note you sing – you feel incredible as they direct their warm energy and a sense of wonder towards you.

You come off stage after your performance feeling a natural high. A high unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

There are many reasons why so many people attempt singing only to give up…

There are folks out there who are too embarrassed to see a vocal coach until they are at a decent level…

Many local singing teachers use dated singing training that delivers slow and limited results… some are even outright wrong and can damage your voice.

One-on-one vocal training can become very expensive…

With many singing teachers not wanting you to progress too quickly – How else would they make a living?

Most vocal coaches are naturally good singers. Which means they’ve never experienced the singing difficulties that most of us encounter. Rather, they assume anyone can sing well using generic vocal exercises. So, when people don’t see any results; they assume they’re ‘not cut out for it’.

You may have heard sports trainers use the phrase: “it’s all about technique”… well this saying could not be truer.

Learning the CORRECT techniques is what makes all the difference and quickly.

Just like serving a tennis ball properly, or swinging a golf club correctly…

By using professional insider tips and techniques – these are the hallmarks of a winner…someone who stands out among everybody else.

What has kept you from almost becoming a fantastic singer?

Maybe you have a nagging feeling of a path not taken?

With many of our success stories, the phrase we hear most often is: “I almost missed out on unleashing the amazing voice that I had”.

There is a way to make up for time you have missed, smashing your vocal barriers…

By following my streamlined professional singing system, you’ll condition your voice to master the most important aspects of singing, such as:

  • To be able to sing with power… where your voice effortlessly resonates with strength and clarity.
  • A smooth tone with beautiful vibrato.
  • Adding an extra octave or more to your range.
  • Developing your “mixed voice” where you can easily shift from your chest voice to your head voice with effortless agility – hitting those high notes without any cracks.

Of course, there is a lot more to my singing system (which I’ll outline for you in a moment)… but these aspects are the cornerstones of a great singer.

You can learn these cornerstones of singing easily… by putting aside just 10 minutes a day 

Even if you have to break it up throughout your schedule… whether you are in the shower,  after breakfast or even in your car on the way to work.

You will see alarming results within a week!

This is where it’s all going to “click” for you.

Now, am I saying you are going to wake up on the sixth day of practice sounding like Mariah Carey?

Well… no…

What I am saying, is that you will have that moment where you noticeably recognize a dramatic difference in your vocals… That tipping point where you feel that breakthrough.

This means…

Dominating the karaoke bar. Wowing audiences with songs you would have never dreamed of trying before…

Being “that voice” of your local choir that everyone is talking about…

Most importantly, it means you can:

Fulfil your destiny as an incredible singer!

 “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I mentioned earlier, I was a lead singer in a #1 pop group called “Girlfriend”. We enjoyed international success with many singles peppered throughout the top 10.

GF gold album in frame

But long before my success, I was not what you would have considered a good singer…

I was actually teased at school for my efforts at singing.

I had given up on singing altogether until a friend who was seeing a vocal coach taught me some techniques so I could audition for a musical.

Just a few tips and a burning ambition gave me the confidence to pursue singing.

I was lucky to have parents who were able to afford the vocal lessons I craved.

But at the time I didn’t realize I was learning to sing in an incredibly old fashioned and slow way.

But with perseverance, luck, and a solid background in dancing, I was able to get my foot in the door in the singing industry.

But I still hadn’t experienced that ‘light-bulb moment’ with my singing yet.

I always considered myself a dancer first, before I was a singer, and I didn’t have total confidence in myself to be the lead singer in our group. So, in the beginning, I shared the lead vocals with my bandmate Robyn.

Because of our initial success, our record company BMG wanted to secure their investment by providing us with the best vocal coaches money could buy.

It was this training from elite vocal coaches that that took my voice to a totally different level.

The new, elite training we received was like a bootcamp for our vocals…

Day-by-day I could feel my voice transforming…

My vocals kept getting stronger, more agile, with greater control and range. I adored my new beautiful tone and felt so confident with my perfect pitch.

I took advantage of every chance I could to improve my voice… even after our singing bootcamp was over, BMG continued our ongoing vocal training… securing my access to world class singing coaches… singing coaches reserved for stars!

Being a nerdy student, I took note on every little detail… And when I got home, I compiled my notes, so I could easily use them whenever needed.

Since life on tour was hectic, I streamlined my vocal training notes to create a simple system that I could work through in as little time possible – without compromising results.

When I became a professional vocal coach myself, I used the same streamlined singing system to radically transform my student’s voices…

And it’s the same revolutionary singing system that’s ‘awakened’ the voices of thousands of my ecstatic online members.

OK, so you’re probably thinking right now…

I get it, there’s a special method for transforming my singing voice incredibly quickly using cutting edge professional techniques… is it difficult?”

You can achieve your singing dreams by dedicating 10 minutes a day following the same simple system that I used for my career, and the same easy-to-use system that has been developed to help thousands of others over the past 15 years:


The core system consists of 28 dynamic vocal training audio modules. This is combined with ebooks, worksheets, and tools designed to have you singing with better range, tone, pitch and control – rapidly!

Singorama is dedicated to providing the most relevant and up to date training to ensure your vocals are trained safely.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner that’s had poor results with learning to sing in the past…

Or, if you’re already a terrific singer…

The cutting-edge techniques outlined in this course will transform your voice to heights you’ve never dreamed possible.

The Singorama System takes you by the hand with a simple step-by-step system ensuring you master all of these elements of singing quickly, without burning-out your voice… Like our:

  • Organic Auto Tune Technique – Easily train your vocal muscles to hit notes perfectly and be in tune every time.
  • The Loaded Sonancy Method that teaches you optimum breathing and posture for a singer.

    You’ll discover how to fully breathe from your entire body and how to ground yourself to produce a fuller sound.

    If you’ve ever thought your voice sounded thin or weak, these special tips and tricks will give you that powerful, full sounding singing voice you’ve always wanted…. that ‘distinct’ beautiful voice elevating above the choir.
  • Progressive Interval training for singers – As you master the ‘Progressive interval training’ exercises and the Solfege System, you will increase your ability to learn songs and harmonize in a way that previously would have been like another language.
  • Fluid Reverberation Technique – A vocal agility allowing you to seamlessly go from high to low notes while singing without any voice breaks… while giving you that smooth vocal quality very few possess.
  • Aural Tonality Conditioning – You’ll know how to avoid singing sharp or flat, how to build your mental ear, as well as achieving a good understanding of perfect pitch and relative pitch. Don’t worry too much about this if you don’t know what it means just yet.
  • Octave Power Generator – Watch your range transform from strength-to strength…. gaining that extra octave.
  • Nerve Recalibration Technique – This is the only way to overcome all of your fears and phobias, your negative thought patterns and your mental blocks to reach the highest levels of confidence possible. A method that works for virtually everyone who applies it!
  • Advanced Larynx Amplifier – These professional warm-ups will make you ready to unleash the full potential of your voice. Add volume and strength while still maintaining a good tone.
  • Bridged Vocalization – Blend your ‘two voices’ for ultimate vocal freedom.

    The crucial differences between your chest voice and head voice. How to blend your two voices so you’ll have an entirely well-connected voice throughout your entire vocal range (also known as your ‘mixed voice’).
  • The Harmonic Acumen – Learn the secrets to becoming sensational at singing harmony. This will allow you to hear melodies and judge harmonies within the chords which will become second nature to you.

Fully understand time-honored technical aspects of singing, such as:

  • Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm, and fear not, we’ve made it easy for you to learn and implement them. This will give you singing supremacy regardless of whether you sing along to music, instrumentals or no music at all.
  • Solfege system’ and learning the differences between major and minor keys and scales.

    From there; reading music, picking up harmonies and learning new songs an absolute breeze. Even if you’ve never heard it before. This important method separates the pro’s from the amateurs, giving you a full understanding of music and how your singing voice works.
  • How to use your voice to produce multiple singing styles, be it rock, opera, jazz, musical theater, pop and many others.
  • How to become a natural at singing different genres of music, even if you’re not familiar with the different genres.
  • Become a master at communicating the meanings of songs and being in touch with your emotional side when delivering a soulful performance.
  • How to make your dreams and visions of being a singer a reality, whether you want to perform in a choir, musical theater or get a professional recording contract.
  • Learn what to look for when choosing the right band members to accentuate your strengths as a singer.
  • How to write your first song and make it memorable, fun and of high quality.

While you let that sink in, I’ll let you in on a little secret… there is so much more…

You’ll also discover the bad habits of most singers that you MUST AVOID in order to maintain healthy vocal cords.

You don’t want to end up needing surgery! Just ask someone like Julie Andrews who lost much of her singing ability after undergoing vocal nodule surgery.

Learning only the best practices and habits will ensure that your voice has the strength and stamina it needs to sing for long periods at a time without fatigue.

‘Vocal tuning calisthenics’… formulated to help you strengthen your vocal muscles and improve your resonance.

This technique also improves pitch issues, creates a smooth tone and gives you much more control at the top of your vocal range… without any cracks or breaks.

This unlocks that beautiful singer’s voice you have always dreamed of… A voice with perfect pitch, effortless strength, a beautiful resonance and vibrato… as well as being able to hit those high notes with ease.

When you sing, your voice will glide effortlessly – The sensation will feel like you had previously been driving with your handbrake on. 

Your voice won’t feel like it’s your own…

It’s safe to say that this course is as comprehensive as it gets!

Nothing has been left unanswered!

One of the best things about this course is that it’s structured to GET RESULTS FAST!

Simply follow the easy to use vocal exercises for only 10 minutes a day…

And you’ll experience a metamorphosis in your singing– a new confidence and ability to sing songs that would have been previously well out of your range.

Singorama 2.0 sold by itself as a boxed set valued at $297

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You’ll also be able to improve your overall technique and ability by following our simple step by step lessons.

With over 120 tracks, you’ll effortlessly correct yourself while you practice, and as a result, significantly improve your singing voice in a very short amount of time.

Singorama Advancement App

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Singorama mini-recording studio

This is software is designed to allow you to record, listen, evaluate and chart your progress on your way to singing mastery. The virtual keyboard is excellent for practicing your scales and pinpointing your weaknesses that need work.


This awesome software is valued at $97 and is a FREE BONUS for a limited time only.


The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music.

valued at $47(free for a limited time)  As a singer, it becomes a huge advantage if you have the ability to also read music. This easy-to-read, yet in depth guide will increase your understanding of music in leaps and bounds, and turn you into a musical force to be reckoned with!

How to read music

Now it should be crystal clear why Singorama 2.0 has a retail value of $297 and that’s excluding all those incredible bonus tools I’ve just discussed…

And, when you add in those tools with a collective real-world value of $241, the retail value of Singorama 2.0 is $538.

Listen: I’m ready to make this a no-brainer decision for you today

Because frankly, I refuse to let finances stop you from getting your hands on this incredible singing system!

I’ve decided the that in order to deliver Singorama quickly, efficiently and cost effectively we would offer the entire system with all is bonuses as a downloadable product.

That means you can easily copy it onto your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or iCloud so you learn and practice whenever you want!


This means you won’t even come close to paying $538 for Singorama.

Cut that price in half at $269… and you’re STILL not close!

As ridiculous as it sounds, you won’t even pay $120 today!

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