Single Ended Bathtub Vs Double Ended Bath?

Not so long ago, a bathroom was considered incomplete without the installation of a bathtub. However, over time people have also started preferring showers over baths, and it has become a matter of preference over one another. Despite the bathrooms going smaller due to lack of space, many people know how rejuvenating a long soak in a Double Ended Bath may be. You may have come across a standard single ended bath in many bathrooms. But do you even know the real difference between them? Why even is there a need for a bathtub with a double end? And most importantly, what advantages can it offer you over a single ended bath that are common in most bathroom? 

If you are planning for a new bath installation or want to replace an older one, it will be a good idea to go through the comparison between double ended tubs and single ended baths in terms of pros and cons. 

Double Ended Bath Vs. Single Ended Bath (Spot the Difference)

At a glance, a standard double ended bath does not look much different from single ended tubs. But with some attention to detail, you will realize that these baths have both of their ends having a slope. While on the single ended bath, a slop is on one of its sides while another end is straight. The purpose of creating this slope is o provide a cushion for someone going to sit in while bathing. 

The slops provide support to the back and arm while anyone is using the bath. That simply means a bath with two sides of slops will be suitable for two people sitting in it each on either side. While a single side end tub has designed for single-purpose use. To facilitate the same, you will also find the bath filler taps in the middle of the bath on either side. While in the single ended one, the taps are on either end.

Pros and Cons of Double Ended Bath Vs. Single Ended Baths

Both the double ended bath and single ended bathtubs have different advantages. Here we have provided a comparison of these. 

  • Spaciousness. The first difference is that the double ended tub is more spacious then the single ended. The reason is obvious. It is purposefully design to accommodate two people to have a bath at the same time. Therefore, it has to have more room than the standard bath. So, the couples can have a bath comfortably in it. So, it is a bit deeper than the standard bath. However, that does not mean that single side end bath is small or too uncomfortable. It is still great for single-person use.   
  • Sensual Bath Experience. Nothing compares to spending some quality time with your partner. And a double ended bath is a great option for that. It is designed for couples who want to have a highly sensual bath experience with quality time together. Therefore, If you are a couple and love baths, then you should prefer having a double ended bath. You can even further enhance such an experience by using light music, candle lights, and adding a few drops of lavender to your double ended tub.
  • Perfect For Family Bathrooms. When you have a family, then you will need to take care of everyone. While a single ended bath can be suitable for standard or average use, you may need much more than that for your family. For example, you have small children who need to bathe or even pets who need to be washed. For all these, you need a bath to do the chore comfortably. A double ended bath can be great for all such usages because it is a bit deeper, and you can easily bathe your children as well pets in it. That makes a double ended bath preferable for family bathrooms. 
  • Costs. Though the price of a bathtub highly depends on the bath material, it is a decisive factor when choosing a bath. We are here to find what is a way to compare the costs of a single ended bath with a double ended one. When comparing, despite spaciousness, the double ended bath with acrylic material does not cost very high in comparison to the single ended. So, you may only have to add a few pounds to the overall price to get this bath. 

Everything that has pros has a few cons too. Similarly, a double ended bath may have a few cons as well. The major con of this type of bath is that it may not be suitable to fit in a small bathroom due to bit space requirements. The second factor is its price; you may not be comfortable with paying up some extra cost for it. 

Single or Double Ended Bath – Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between single and double ended bath, it is all matter of personal preference and needs. If you live with a family, then it may be probably a good idea to prefer a double ended tub as it will make a lot of things easier for you.