Simple Yet Elegant Jewelry Options

With jewelry, it’s sometimes better to avoid being too complex with design. Our current society likes minimalism, the idea that you can do more with less in regard to design. For example, look at our logos. The logos of the past were a lot more complex, but in the present, they become simplified until they have the same impact without your eyes taking more time to digest what’s going on.

Here are some simple, yet elegant, jewelry options.

Lightweight Hoops

One example of jewelry that is simple, yet elegant, is the hoop. The lightweight hoop is a simple circle shape, and the smaller size makes it not as prevalent, but still impactful. Simple, but effective baby hoop earrings or mini hoop earrings are some examples. You can pick a simple color, such as red hoop earrings, too. Either way, you have a simple yet effective design you will love.

Simple Animal Shapes

Animal jewelry is always popular, and for a good reason. Who doesn’t like connecting with nature? With that said, there are some animal shapes that are more complex than others. For example, let’s look at bee earrings or butterfly earrings. These earrings resemble bees or butterflies, but some of them go into excruciating detail. Others, on the other hand, keep that minimalist flair alive, representing animals and insects without going overboard. One example is snakes and earrings. There are plenty of aesthetic earrings that are shaped like a snake but aren’t overly complex.

Simple Symbolic Shapes

Try saying that three times fast. Anyway, when it comes to earring shapes, simple shapes can represent a lot. For instance, heart earrings have a recognizable design, but they are not complex. The same can be said with cherry kiss earrings or cherry earrings. Once again, the shape of a cherry tends to be two circles and a stem, yet it can represent sweetness and other positive traits.

Neon Earrings

Another type of earring that can kill in simplicity is the neon jewelry piece. They come in simple colors and shapes, but the brightness that comes from them can stand out. From bright pink earrings to glowing green bands, there’s quite a bit you can do with the simplicity these pieces of jewelry have to offer.

Minimalist Jewelry Brands

With that said, which brands are the most minimalist? Let’s take a look at some brands that can give you your fill.

  • First, there is Chvker. These are simple, inexpensive, yet stylish jewelry from the U.S.
  • Another type of jewelry brand to look out for is Stella and Bow. This brand has a variety of minimalist jewelry, including rings.
  • Try Catbird NYC. This brand has jewelry that is stackable. Great if you are looking for minimalist jewelry you can combine.

In conclusion, there is a lot to choose from with minimalist jewelry. Try out some minimalist jewelry and dump the complexity. This way, you can be able to show more for a lot less. Check them out. Please visit us: