Simple ways to save money on a move abroad

Breaking up is never easy, I know, but I have to go. Said ABBA. And they were right in more ways than one. If you’ve ever considered leaving your native shores to set yourself and your family up in foreign climes, you’ll know all too well the woes and sleepless nights that come with even thinking of waving goodbye to everything you know and hold dear.

Community is everything. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy your current environment, at least it’s a case of “better the devil you know” – the thinking being that moving away could land you in an even worse community.

Moving abroad is time-consuming. Planning isn’t easy. And international payment processing implications may be a new ballgame for you to get your head around. But it’s all possible if you really want it.

Does your international breakaway have to cost the world?… Let’s look at simple ways to save money on your move abroad.

Sell the kitchen sink

If you’ve never heard the saying “everything but the kitchen sink”, you may not understand right away what we mean by selling the sink. Basically, all-out efforts mean throwing all of your resources at a problem until there’s only the heavy wall-attached sink left to throw. But when you plan to head off abroad, it’s time to unscrew that basin and pass it on (hopefully for a profit). The tip here is to sell everything. And we mean everything.

The best way to avoid the costs of hiring a skip (or any other form of transport to take your unwanted things away) is to hold a leaving party. Tell people that you plan to give everything in the house away – if it’s not in a suitcase, it’s up for grabs. For big items like your TV (if you don’t plan to take it with you), you could hold an impromptu bidding war. Obviously, do try to sell your bookcases and other furniture online first, but regarding things like your silverware, rugs, children’s toys, etc., don’t be afraid to cut the cord and tell any person holding it in their hands to enjoy.

Fly off-peak

Arriving in a foreign country in the dead of night is nobody’s idea of hitting the ground running. But it’s a few hours of your life. Get over it. Even with children, consider flying at night to save significantly on costs. A one-way ticket for you might not seem to save that much money when flying off-peak. Some, but not a bank-breaking amount. However, factor in the whole family, all of your luggage, and then the long wait in the cramped and busy terminal before you fly, and you will soon come around to the thinking that flying off-peak and landing at a less than what most people would consider a fortunate hour can, in fact, be the solution to your good fortune in the long run (just make sure you take plenty of snacks and fully charged portable chargers for your devices!).


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