Simple Tips to Hire the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

If one really strives to make it a success in the extremely competitive world of Internet, one of the pre-requisites is to be equipped with all of the necessary tools and software to get you to the competitive level with the rest of your competitors in this industry. On top of that, it is equivalently crucial to pick a dedicated service provider who is ready to offer their customers with high quality dedicated server to support their web hosting plans with ample volume of resources for their exclusive web-user.


Before starting out to look for the best WeHaveServers, the first thing any web-master needs to ensure of is to precisely clear on what are the requirements. It is important to understand that different requirements will yield for different types of web hosting. Dedicated server hosting is suitable for those who are looking for high reliability and great privacy, with high quality servers as well as extensive features and tools.


Next, the web-master needs to choose between unmanaged and managed hosting, each of them comes with different aspects and advantages. For an unmanaged hosting, the website owner will need to manage the setup, maintenance and any wear and tear of their website and server for their operational success. While for managed hosting, the maintenance and sustaining of the server and websites will be under the care of the web hosting provider, instead of the web-master.


Once you have decided whether you are suitable for managed, or unmanaged hosting, it is now time for you to shortlist your candidates. There are a few ways where we can approach this effectively

  • Pay your visit to some of the popular web hosting reviews sites to get their professional reviews and recommendations on some of your short-listed web hosts
  • Check out the customer forums which have been setup at some of these sites. Customers’ testimonials can be found in these forums which may be beneficial for reference purpose.
  • Talk to some of their ex-customers or existing customers if you happened to know of anyone
  • Try goggling the respective dedicated websites. One should be able to get a whole lot of details on the background of the company. It is very important to understand the financial stability and outlook by checking out its balance sheet for the last 5 years.


Once you have shortlisted your candidates, check out how well do they perform in meeting all those criteria and expectations which you listed down in descending order. Criteria such as the size of the bandwidth and disk space offered, the % up-time of their server, the frequency of unexpected down-time occurrences, their website’s security features and control, the reliability and attentiveness of their technical support, are they on 24/7 support? are their technical support personnel being well trained?


Last but not least, check out the cost of their hosting packages and don’t forget to find out how flexible they will be supported by these companies such as how fast can they have their hosting plan upgrades when such needs arise, or the capability of the company in attending to the additional requirements of their clients on ad hoc basis such as, asking for enlarging of bandwidth size or disk space memory or even for a new feature which is not currently in the plan which they have signed up for.