Simple Tips on Picking the Right House Ball for You

When playing any sport or game, you must arm yourself with the right equipment. Otherwise, it’s not just your score that may end up compromised, but also your safety. That’s because injuries can be the result of using the wrong equipment.

If you are new to the world of bowling, chances are you don’t have your ball yet; this is fine because there are house balls available. These are balls that your favourite alley provides. You can find house balls on the racks right next to the lanes.

One house ball is different from the other. Choosing the right one for you is a must if you want to have a favourable gaming experience, and also win against your opponent. For a beginner, selecting a house ball that’s right for the job can be a daunting task.

Worry not because finding one that suits you is easier than it looks. That is if you are already familiar with some important guidelines to keep in mind.

Make Sure That Your Thumb Fits

Before you pick a house ball, try to insert your thumb in the thumbhole first. Lightly press one side of your thumb against the side of the thumbhole. Try to slide your thumb in and out of it. Look for a different house ball if the thumbhole feels too tight or too loose.

A thumbhole that is too tight or too loose for your thumb can put you at risk of injuring your thumb. Other than that, each of your shots is likely to end up bad. As with your other fingers, check that you can insert them into the holes up to the second knuckle.

Check That Your Hands are Not Too Stretched

The distance between the thumbhole and the hole for your other fingers is the span. Having a proper span is essential to keep the house ball from dropping as you swing it. The wrong span is bad not only for your game but also for your safety while bowling.

Fortunately, even a beginner won’t have a hard time figuring out the perfect span for him or her. All you have to do is insert a pencil beneath your palm as you are gripping a house ball. You are using the right ball if the pencil only lightly touches it and your palm.

See to It That It’s About 10% of Your Weight

Different house balls come in different weights. The weight of a ball can range anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds. As a general rule of thumb, the right house ball for you in terms of weight is one that is equivalent to about 10% of your total body weight.

A male beginner should usually go for a ball weighing 14 or 15 pounds. A female beginner, on the other hand, should normally go for a ball that tips the scale at 11 or 12 pounds. Most house balls mention their weights on them. In some alleys, however, balls are colour-coded.


Using the right bowling ball is good for your game, safety, and overall experience. If it’s your first time to hit the local alley, don’t feel too embarrassed to approach a staff member to ask for further assistance when it comes to selecting a house ball.

Ellen Hollington

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