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Setting up a small business nowadays has become significantly simpler and easier than you can even think because of the advent of several advertisements and marketing opportunities. Even if you are starting a small business of catering, you need your kitchen, your smartphone, and a website, and here you go. What else you could ever dream of before the past three decades when it was necessary to have a physical store or a proper location along with a handsome amount of capital to start a business. Thanks to the rise of information and technology and several social media platforms that nowadays, you can become an entrepreneur without doing extraordinary hassle. However, the only thing which is needed is dedication, devotion, patience, and resilience.

Businesses need effective advertisement and marketing of the products, which is nowadays done through traditional marketing as well as digital marketing. Due to the development of a variety of options, which help you get started in a much lesser amount that you can even think.

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The following are eight simple steps that will guide you in starting up your small business as well as maintaining it to transform your small business into a large success.

  1. Do Your research

It is essential to research the niche market in which you want to start a business to determine if there are chances that the business you are going to start has a significant market or not. As if there is no market for your business, then it is more likely to get a failure. Select the product which has a significant market and a target audience for which you can advertise and market your business.

  1. Make a plan

Planning is considered as a crucial thing before starting any of your decisions. Without sufficient planning, you are going to get stuck in the middle with no idea of what to do. Get some worksheets along with a calculator to get started. ┬áFor instance, starting a home catering, what utensils you will require, the cutlery, the grocery, and the menu that you will decide. You have to analyze and write it down on paper so that you won’t miss a thing while you are making a budget.

  1. Prioritize importing thing first

After you have made a proper plan, start analyzing the things which are to be considered first. Before the actual business set up, which things you need to get started initially. Through getting prioritized, you can easily put your tasks in a proper place. From purchasing or resources and raw materials, contacting the advertisement agencies for marketing and analyzing the production, packaging, and distribution of your product in its market, there are several procedures included in handling a successful business; therefore you need to analyze which things are required first and which can be dome later.

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  1. Manage your budget as well as capital

You must determine the cash flow and finances before you are starting a business regardless of how small or large your capital is, but you must need to be sure. It is also obvious that at the starting of the business, you are not able to earn the profit that much easier, or there might be a possibility that you are not able to get your product sold as you may have idealized. Therefore it is essential to manage your capital and finances for initial years or otherwise you are going to suffer from losses.

  1. Start promoting your business online

There are a variety of options, which are available nowadays for starting the advertisement of your business on online platforms, which can be a website, Facebook page, Instagram account, or a WhatsApp business account and so on. You can choose any of these online platforms for starting the advertisement of your business. Starting your advertisement and marketing initially through digital marketing can provide you with a vast viewership and publicity of your products without investing a handsome amount. Therefore just with a significant devotion and dedication, it is suggested that you start promoting your business on several online and social media platforms.

  1. Determine the competition

It is essential to get an idea of how much competition your business is facing. So, you can develop an effective strategy to remain competitive in the market. Also, by determining the competition, you can come up with better and improved ideas to conquer the competition.

  1. Set up your team

As you have decided to become an entrepreneur by starting up a new business of your own. Now next step will be setting up a team, either small or large but at the initial moment even if you have started up on your own, still you will require a proper team later who will handle a number of your business functions, such as production, packaging, marketing, and distribution. Therefore it is suggested that start with the minimal team and do as much multitasking as you can, but gradually when you analyze that the business is working, it is no harm in hiring a dedicated team for handling these departments with you.

  1. Promote your business on various platforms

By effective promotion of your business on online platforms, it is now essential that you take a step ahead and start marketing your business on various platforms where your target audience is expected. Such as expos, seminars, and workshops. These workshops and seminars are a great idea of networking, and people utilize these gatherings to market their businesses through these helpful networking sites. Get prepared with your professional business card and provide the people whom you think will be interested in your products.


Setting up a small business has never been so easier. Therefore to get started with small business, the above simple steps and strategies are essential for getting started. There can be few more steps, which can be added in the list according to the needs and requirements of your business. However, planning, determining, and effective research are understood as the key tools for starting a business regardless of how small or large the scale the business is. Moreover, with the advent of various smart opportunities for online advertisements and marketing, it has become extremely simple for starting a new business with smaller capital as well. Banners, billboards, and pamphlets are also considered as essential ways of traditional marketing, which are utilized by various small businesses to highlight their business in front of your target audience, which significantly increases the chances of your successful business.