Simple price guide when buying Spartan welding in Kenya

Are you a welder? Have you been looking for a welding machine that will not disappoint you? In this article, we will look at an in-depth description of the Spartan Welding machine, its features, how it works, and a price guide for both pre-owned and new machines.

What is the Spartan Welding Machine?

This is an AC and DC welding machine that uses electricity as its source of power. The features of Sparta welding machine are;

  1. It is user-friendly and requires very minimal operator training.
  2. It weighs 4.58 kilograms, making it very portable.
  3. It has a carrying handle that makes it easily portable.
  4. It comes with a single-phase inverter and a 30Amp input current.
  5. You can use the inverter with a household current. You can plug it into a 220V socket and carry it easily to a job site.
  6. The Spartan welding machine is suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel, and other metals.
  7. It has a robust design.
  8. It is lightweight and has easy touch assembly.

How does it work?

As described above, the Spartan welding machine uses an Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current(DC) inverter. Before you weld, you will need to connect the welding machine to a wall socket or any other power source and turn it on. Take the two metal pieces that you want to weld together. When the electrode melts the metal base, it will spark between the metal base and the electrode. The electrode contains a flux coating that will shield the metal from the weld seam.

What are the advantages of the Spartan Welding machine?

  1. It is cost-effective. Since it uses electricity and not gas as its source of energy, you can plug it in any household 220 V socket and get to work. The consumables and non-consumables of the welding machine are also readily available.
  2. Spartan welding machines are easily portable. They come fitted with a grab handle. The grab handle makes it easy to load and offload at the worksite.
  3. Ease of use. Because it is easy to use, with fair training one can easily start operating the Spartan welding machine.
  4. It can work with several metal products.
  5. Because of its high capacity for electricity and precision, the Spartan welding machine offers fewer distortions to the metals that are welded together.
  6. It works under any climatic condition. One can use it when it is raining or sunny.

Price guide for the Spartan Welding machine in Kenya

The spartan welding machine is more heavy-duty than light-duty. Its Amperage ranges between 200amps(240 V) to 415 amps (415 V). For this power range, it beats the competition. Spartan welding machine price in Kenya is between Kshs 15,000 for the Spartan DC ARC welder 200 amps to Kshs. 70,000 for the Spartan DC ARC welder 415 amps.