Simple Guide for Parents: Home Care & Precautions

Every parent always wants to make sure that the home environment is conducive to allow babies and toddlers to roam around freely. As a parent, knowing the right things to do to keep your children healthy and safe should be one of your priorities. 


If you don’t know where to begin, then you need not worry. Maintaining can be quite challenging in the beginning, but as long as you know what to pay attention to, then you’re on the right track. Continue reading to learn more.


Organize all cables


Babies love exploring their environment. There’s always so much wonder to behold around them. But sometimes, this can be at the risk of accidents that can easily be avoided, had you just known the proper ways to prevent them. One simple tip to keep your home safe is through organizing all the cables that you find around the house.


Oftentimes, cables of different types are abundant and can be found among electronic gadgets. Make sure that you secure them in a cable organizer that your baby won’t easily be able to dismantle. Aside from electronic gadgets, you should also watch out for curtain cords that your child may eventually play with. These can easily wrap around your baby’s neck and may lead to serious injury. 


Secure furniture to the wall


If possible, you should also consider securing every piece of furniture around your house, to a wall. Furniture that is just loosely standing can just as easily topple over, even just because of minor disturbances. You want to make sure that every furniture is stable enough in order to avoid accidents that may happen to your child.


You can easily purchase furniture anchors in your local hardware store. An anchor kit usually contains a durable cord that is fastened to both the furniture and the wall. 


On the other hand, you can always take advantage of a makeshift furniture anchor using simple hardware tools that you may find around your house. You’ll need two L-shaped brackets, screws, a piece of wood, and a drill. First, you’ll need to drill two linear holes on the wood. Place the brackets one on top of the other and secure them to the piece of wood. You’ll be left with an object with two vertical metal pieces sticking out. The other side goes to the wall, while the other should be attached to your furniture. 


Buy toys safe for your baby


Your baby’s development wouldn’t be complete without playtime. Of course, nothing makes playtime a more enjoyable event than fun toys that your baby might bring around wherever they may go. Always make sure that the toys you purchase will be free from choking hazards and sharp objects that may harm your baby.


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Keep sharp objects out of reach


Another effective method of baby-proofing your house is by keeping sharp objects out of reach by your baby. As mentioned before, children love to explore — they may not know that this can come at a cost, especially without the proper safety precautions in your home.


You can store objects such as knives, forks, and other pointy materials in designated locations around your house. For example, kitchen utensils can be stored in locked drawers or kitchen wall cabinets. You could also opt to place them in locations that your baby won’t be able to access like high shelves, or any high storage space of your preference. 


Maintain cleanliness of floors


Sometimes, keeping the entire household safe for your baby is as simple as maintaining the cleanliness of your floors at all times. You especially may want to pay attention to the baby nursery, dining area, and bathroom as these are usually the site of spillages.


When your child is of age, they may spend a lot of their time simply running around the house. Always ensure that there are no unnecessary spills coming from different liquids like water, juices, lotions, and the like. Always have a cloth or mop at the ready for easy access whenever this situation occurs. 


Regularly wash food containers


Last but not the least, you’d want to turn your attention towards the cleanliness of your baby’s food containers. 


Before and after every use, wash them using dishwashing liquid, or any kind of food-safe cleaning material at your disposal. It’s important to clean and wash these containers thoroughly to avoid possible contamination coming from leftover food residue. More importantly, adopting a constant cleaning habit prevents germ and bacterial growth, allowing you to nourish your baby in the safest ways possible. 


Key Takeaway


To keep your children healthy and safe, it’s important that you pay attention to the many objects that are found in your household. Look out for areas that may be prone to accidents and instances of danger on your baby. 


Sometimes, however, they’re just as simple as constantly cleaning your floors or washing baby food containers. Though the simple guide isn’t exhaustive, they’ll hopefully serve as good starting points.