Simple and Effective Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking New as Ever

Despite being extremely careful, your carpet at times becomes the victim of spills, stains, and pet accidents. While there are plenty of carpet cleaning services in Dubai, it is not suitable to run to the store for every little mishap. Besides, there are plenty of simple yet powerful ways to clean your carpet without spending a lot of money. 

Below we are highlighting some of the ways to clean your carpet efficiently and effectively –


  • The Importance of Pre-Treatment 

If your carpet is badly stained, then you should consider pre-treating the area before you get on the in-depth cleaning process. The first step is to remove out the physical debris (if any) on the surface of the carpet using a spoon or fork. Make sure you don’t press the dirt into the carpet. Now treat the stained area with a stain-removal solution, which is available at any local store. If you want a more natural solution, then mix one part vinegar with one part water and pour the solution on to the stain. This step will make the actual cleaning process simpler, and you will make less mess while doing so. 


  • Dab, Don’t Rub 

Whether you are cleaning the stains using a paper towel, cloth, or sponge, make sure you dab on to the surface. When you are blotting, it doesn’t put much pressure on the stain for it gets deeper into the carpet. When you rub the satins, you are pushing the dirt particles into the fibers of the carpet; this can result in premature breakdown of the fibers. Make sure you dab the stain inwards, as going into outward direction can spread the stain.


  • The Power of Club Soda 

If you use it correctly, club soda is a great ingredient to treat stains from beer and wine. Dip a cloth into the club soda and blot the stained area with the cloth. Let the solution sit for around 10 to 15 minutes, and then clean the area using a sponge. If the stains are too stubborn, you may have to repeat the process to get rid of the stain completely. Once the stain is gone, clean the spot with a fresh cloth and warm water. Thereafter, place paper towels over the cleaned surface and gently presses them down, so the water will get absorbed into the towel.


  • Dishwashing Detergent To Get Rid of Grease Stain 

One of the most natural ways to get rid of grease stain is to use grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. They can be easily purchased from your local stores and can efficiently cut through grease stains stuck in the carpet. Pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it thoroughly on to the stain. Using a cloth or paper towel, blot the surface. 


  • Hydrogen Peroxide 

Bloodstains are among the visible and stubborn stains on the carpet, and they are hard to get rid of. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to get rid of the bloodstain on your carpet. First, pre-treat the stain with a mix of water and mild detergent. Let it sit for a good 5 to 10 minutes before you apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain. As soon as the solution gets in contact with the stain, it will foam up. Blot the solution using a paper towel until the area has absorbed all the liquid. 


  • Deep cleaning the carpet 

It is essential that you can deep clean your carpet on a regular basis to ensure that it looks fresh and new. Steam cleaning is a process in which you use cleaning solution under pressure injected via water jet nozzles. This machine effectively extracts the solution with dirt and debris present in the carpet. The pressured water will deeply penetrate the fiber thoroughly to loosen up the dirt oil, and grease, and get your carpet cleaned thoroughly. 

While there are plenty of carpet dry cleaning service providers in Dubai, there are tons of natural ways as well that will help you clean your carpet. Above are some of the ways that will help in getting rid of stubborn stains from the carpet and keep it looking fresh and new.