Simple Affiliate Tools Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 3,000 Bonuses + Bundle

Businesses seeking to enhance their reach and sales can benefit greatly from affiliate marketing. With this powerful approach, affiliates can assist in leveraging a broad network of passionate promoters keen to advertise your products and services.

Nevertheless, to optimize triumph and boost affiliate earnings, efficient management of promotional materials is necessary. In this analysis, we will walk you through the process of enhancing your promotional material management to attain sustainable sales.

Additionally, if you want to take your promotional material management to the next level, don’t forget to explore Simple Affiliate Tools.


Simple Affiliate Tools is a WordPress plugin that helps you to manage all your promotional materials and provide content for your affiliates that will unlock evergreen sales.


Simple Affiliate Tools FE: Simple Affiliate Tools

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Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 1: Simple Affiliate Tools Agency

Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 2: How to Create Winning Sales Letters with ChatGPT

Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 3: How Free Products Lead To Profit

Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 4: How to Make More Sales with Email Marketing Workshop

Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 5: Fast Business Start-Up Workshop

Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 6: Six Figure Momentum Circle



Simple Affiliate Tools OTO 7: MyNAMS Insiders Club Premium




Simple Affiliate Tools comprises of:

  • Plugin works seamlessly in WordPress pages
  • Create a campaign for any marketing effort
  • Add a simple short code to display one or multiple campaigns on your JV Pages
  • Customize each campaign with a WYSIWYG WordPress Editor
  • Build a library of campaigns for all your marketing campaigns
  • Add any affiliate program to your campaign
  • Depend on the version you purchase, unlimited pieces of content to any campaign
  • Give affiliates access to your marketing content
  • Fully customizable group tabs allows you to organize all your content for affiliates within campaigns
  • Download all emails swipes into a full email marketing campaign for your autoresponder
  • Allow affiliates to embed their affiliate links with affiliate program ID or full URL


After the Simple Affiliate Tools plugin is installed and licensed, the dashboard will open with a blank slate. The first thing to do is add an affiliate program and create a campaign. Every campaign created lives on the dashboard unless it’s archived (hidden temporarily).


Clicking on the campaign opens the content tools dashboard. This is where you add all of your content by type. For example, if you’d like to offer your affiliates email swipes, click on the “email” navigation option in the left menu bar and enter your email. It’s as simple as that. To add “Banner” images, follow the same process with the banner option.


You can easily delete any campaign you wish to remove permanently, but you may have seasonal campaigns that you wish to bring around at regular intervals. For example, you may have a Holiday promotion each December or a Black Friday promotion in November. Instead of displaying that material year-round, you can archive it and reactivate it when you’re ready to launch it again.


With the WordPress Plugin, shortcodes allow you to drop in specific campaigns on your JV Page easily by adding one simple code. In the Shortcode Builder, you add the campaign or campaigns that you wish to display and add the resulting shortcode to the WordPress post. Simple as that.


Each campaign will have one affiliate program assigned to it. You can add your affiliate programs in the affiliate section of the plugin. There are no limits to the number of affiliate programs that can be added. The only limit is determined by the Simple Affiliate Tools version you choose.


On the Tools Dashboard on your JV Page, the affiliate sees two options: 1) Add the affiliate ID that is included in nearly every affiliate program, or 2) Add a specific affiliate URL. We highly recommend cloaking your affiliate URL and adding that in the second input box. You only have to do one or the other.

Then, the affiliate clicks “Set ID” and the affiliate URL they input in the box will be embedded everywhere in all the tools.

They know it’s working properly when they see the URL as the Primary (Affiliate Program) Link. In this case, it’s WarriorPlus.

The Tabs across the top are dynamic depending on the number of tools you included. If you added only email swipes, that would be the only tab at the top.


And if you added Groups to your tools, you’ll see a second row of tabs. That can be especially useful if you have different angles, specify “Launch” swipes vs. swipes about “Bonuses”. You control the groups so they display as you create them.

The affiliate link is embedded in the tool. And if your affiliate wanted to download all the swipes to add to their autoresponder system for evergreen sales, they can do that.


Depending on the settings in the backend of the tool, you can force affiliates to download the images or provide them with embed code to drop into their sites and call from your 3rd party hosting system. In this instance, you’ll see all the images are hosted on Amazon S3 and the affiliate URL is embedded in the code. The advantage of this is that you can change the images and display the changes on your affiliate’s site. For example, if you have a Black Friday special, just edit the image and replace it on your host. Everyone using that image will see a new image with the new sale.


Step 1: Audit Your Current Promotional Materials

The first step to increasing affiliate commissions is to take a thorough inventory of your current promotional materials. This will help you identify any gaps or areas for improvement. To conduct an audit, consider the following:

• List all your promotional materials, including email swipes, banners, images, videos, blog posts, articles, reports, Twitter threads, signatures, and more.
• Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of each piece of content. Are they engaging and persuasive? Are they up-to-date and relevant?
• Identify any gaps in your materials. Are there any specific niches or audience segments that could benefit from tailored content?
• Look for opportunities to optimize and repurpose existing content for different platforms or formats.

Step 2: Create a Content Plan

With a clear understanding of your current promotional materials, it’s time to develop a content plan that addresses any gaps or areas for improvement. Your plan should include:

• Goals and objectives for your promotional materials. What do you want to achieve with your content?
• Target audience segments and their needs. Who are you trying to reach, and what are their pain points and desires?
• A content calendar outlining the types of content you’ll create, when they’ll be published, and the platforms you’ll use for distribution.
• A plan for tracking and measuring the success of your promotional materials. What metrics will you monitor to gauge effectiveness?

Step 3: Develop High-Quality Promotional Materials

With your content plan in place, it’s time to start creating high-quality promotional materials that resonate with your target audience and drive results. Keep the following tips in mind:

• Craft compelling headlines and subject lines that grab attention and encourage clicks.
• Use persuasive copywriting techniques, such as focusing on benefits, telling stories, and addressing objections.
• Incorporate strong visuals, such as eye-catching images and engaging videos, to boost engagement.
• Ensure that your content is optimized for search engines and social media platforms.
• Include clear and compelling calls to action that encourage readers to take the desired action.

Step 4: Make It Easy for Affiliates to Access and Share Your Promotional Materials

To maximize the effectiveness of your promotional materials, it’s crucial to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to access and share them. Consider the following strategies:

• Create a centralized resource hub where affiliates can find all your promotional materials in one place.
• Organize your materials by category, such as email swipes, banners, and images, to make it easy for affiliates to find what they need.
• Provide embeddable codes or one-click options for affiliates to easily share your materials on their websites, social media profiles, or email campaigns.
• Offer customizable materials that allow affiliates to tailor your content to their specific audience or niche.

Step 5: Continuously Monitor and Optimize Your Promotional Materials

Finally, to ensure that your promotional materials continue to drive results, it’s essential to monitor their performance and make adjustments as needed. Keep the following in mind:

• Track key performance metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated by your promotional materials.
• Regularly review and analyze your data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.
• Test different elements of your promotional materials, such as headlines, visuals, and calls to action, to determine what works best for your target audience.
• Update your content as needed to keep it fresh, relevant, and engaging for your affiliates and their audience.

Effective promotional material management is essential for driving affiliate commissions and maximizing the success of your affiliate marketing efforts.

By following the steps outlined above, you can create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience and empowers your affiliates to promote your products and services more effectively.

And, when you’re ready to streamline the process and make it even easier to manage all your promotional materials, be sure to check out Simple Affiliate Tools


Simple Affiliate Tools has 1 Front-end & 7 OTOs:



Get Unlimited Campaigns and Tons Of Extra Features and Support With the Agency Version!

With the Agency Version, Get Use to the Word “Unlimited”!
That’s right… This tool gives you unlimited ability to manage your clients’ campaigns with your installation..

This immediately sets you up as an agency to help them manage their content… How much can you charge for that?

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  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns
  • Unlimited Affiliate Platforms
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Affiliate URLs
  • Shortcode Site Integration
  • Shortcode Builder
  • Custom Campaign Display
  • Tutorials
  • User Guide
  • Custom Settings
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Free Training
  • Unlimited Email Swipes
  • Unlimited Banner Images
  • Unlimited Archived Campaigns
  • Unlimited Facebook Posts
  • Unlimited Signatures
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Import Banners Tool
  • Unlimited Tool Groups
  • Unlimited Files
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Tweets
  • Unlimited Text Ads
  • Import Tweet Template
  • Auto Affiliate Approval
  • Unlimited Personal Installations
  • Unlimited Client Sites

Unlimited Client Installations

Using your agency license, manage your clients’ affiliate programs

Unlimited Reports

Give exceptionally high content by distributing many reports

Unlimited Archived Campaigns

Don’t ever delete campaigns, but archive them for later use

Unlimited Campaigns

Create as many campaigns for as many products as you want

Unlimited Tweets

Give your affiliates Twitter docs to distribute quickly

Unlimited Support

Use our email, chat, and Facebook group to get unstuck fast

Unlimited Affiliate Platforms

Sell on every available affiliate platform without limitation

Unlimited Text Ads

Put your affiliate program in high gear by distributing standard ads

Unlimited Upgrades

Stay up-to-date with the latest version for as long as you’re a member


Can’t stand writing sales letters? And can’t afford copywriters? Finally, there is a solution!

Unlock the Power of AI to Create Compelling Sales Letters in Record Time Using the Exact and Proven Structure that Has Made Millions for Marketers for Decades

What if we could tap the vein of gold with exactly the right information immediately because you know which questions to plug in?

With the NAMSToolkit copywriting automation tools, we guide your input and spit out your sales letter in the right order so that you have a well-structured first draft.

Once you’ve conquered the blank page, you can move quickly into a well-written and profitable finished sales letter.

With more than 200 questions and prompts that cover research, the customer avatar, the message to market match with unique selling points, storytelling structure to help build a message of empathy, more than a hundred proven headlines, and a structured sales letter generator…

This IS the easy way. But more importantly, it’s the most effective and proven-to-generate massive sales way. With our system we’ll reveal to you in a minute, you’ll see all the questions that you can plug into any AI tool and come up with fantastic sales letters.

The goal of any sales letter is to demonstrate that you have a solution to a desperate problem. If you can’t show that, you’ll never have BIG success. With that primary purpose in mind, every sales letter shares common elements that propel the reader toward the solution, making it clear to them that they MUST have your solution. These attributes include:

    A strong headline that grabs the reader’s attention and communicates the product’s or service’s value.
    The letter should be polished and professional in terms of language and design.
    Including testimonials from satisfied customers can provide social proof and increase trust.
    Creating a sense of lack can encourage the reader to take action quickly.
    The letter should be optimized for the chosen medium, whether email, direct mail, or a web page.
    The use of interactive elements such as videos, images, or quiz.
    An opening sentence that captures the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more.
    The letter should focus on the product or service’s benefits to the reader rather than just listing features.
    A clear and specific call to action that tells the reader what to do next, such as “buy now” or “request more information.”
    Using credibility indicators such as awards, certifications, or media coverage can increase trust and credibility.
    The letter should be optimized for mobile devices, as many people read emails and visit web pages on their smartphones.
    The letter should have a clear message that is easy to understand.
    The use of specific language that resonates with the target audience and addresses their pain points.
    Creating a sense of urgency can encourage the reader to take action quickly.
    The use of the recipient’s name and other personalized details to establish a connection and increase the chances of conversion.
    The letter should have a clear and simple design that is easy to read and navigate.
    A sales page optimized for search engines equals free traffic.

Uncover the Keyword Phrases to Build a Solid SEO Campaign Around…

Headlines are hard.

We all want to be clever. Or snarky. Or we assume too much. Or we forget the benefit. Or we get long-winded. Or worse, boring.

But most of all, we think we have to be original. BIG MISTAKE.

Because they are so important to your success, headlines have been tested over and over for many, many years. Certain formulas have been proven to work every time.

So, in the NAMSToolkit, we’ve given you those formulas so that you can fill in the blanks, hit the compile button, and have a batch of winning headline choices. Copy them and add those to the questionnaire.

Create Your Content Plan With the Click of a Button!

There’s a red button at the top of this page that says, “Create Hub & Spoke Project with Checked Keywords.”

Check the keyword phrases that make the most sense to you based on a little competitive research using your favorite tool.

Click the button and it automatically generates a list of keyword topics that you can turn into articles, blog posts, videos, and more content like the one below.

Visualize It to Understand Getting the Right Traffic Better!

But there’s a little trick on this screen. If you don’t understand what a hub and spoke system is, just click the “View Graph” button and you’ll get a visual of it as well…

And if you notice, the center of the hub and spoke (your content plan) is the main topic. In this case, all the content that you create (or have created by ChatGPT) points to this sales page for “How to Create Winning Sales Letters with ChatGPT.”

And one last thing… We need fast traffic.

One of the Best Ways to Create Fast Traffic Is With Twitter.

Using your new-found expertise with ChatGPT, you can ask it to write dozens of tweets for you on the topics in your sales letter, or have it pull tweets from your sales letter.

Or you can pull the tweets by hand. Add a call to action back to your sales letter and…Voila!

You’ve got fast traffic after you import the content into your favorite social media scheduling tool.


Here’s the Smart Way to Turn a Free Piece of Content Into a 24/7 Revenue Stream!

  • Distribute via email, including both live broadcasts as well as via your autoresponder.
  • Bundle with other products, such as in a membership site.
  • Offer as a bonus to your paid offers.
  • Publish on your blog and let visitors download it for free.
  • Give rebrandable copies to your affiliates to distribute.
  • Post to social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+,
  • Upload to YouTube (if you’re creating videos, of course).
  • Insert a link on your download and thank you pages.
  • Donate your freebie to a giveaway event.
  • Sell the giveaway and rebranding rights to other marketers to exponentially increase your distribution.

Grow Your List and Make a Whole Lot of Money By Strategically Giving Away Free Content

This works so well that just about every successful marketer you’ve ever met uses this strategy to create a 24/7 passive income stream. And now you too can discover the RIGHT way to develop and monetize a dozen different types of in-demand free offers!

How To Make And Monetize With Distributable Free Content

You’re about to download highly effective pro checklists and trainings covering 12 of the most profitable types of free offers. We’re not covering the typical reports and webinars here, because everyone employs those and you can find information elsewhere about them.

Instead, we’re covering free offers that are highly valuable and effective, which most people aren’t actively creating and incorporating into their business (and they’re leaving money on the table as a result).

Each checklist is meaty and includes two parts:

1. Make, where you’ll find out how to quickly and easily create each of the 12 in-demand free offers.

2. Monetize, where you’ll learn how to insert backend offers to turn this free content into a profitable sales machine.

At last, you’ll finally discover the right way to turn your free content into a sales force that works overtime!

Here’s what you get when you purchase “How Free Products Lead to Profit” today…

Cheat Sheets/Infographics

Download now and you’ll discover:

• Why cheats sheets and infographics are so wildly popular (and profitable)!

• How to create a professional cheat sheet or infographic that gets your prospects subscribing to your list, sharing your content and clicking your order buttons!

• The #1 best way to turn this freebie into your company’s best sales person!


Your prospects are going to love, love, love templates because they can put these tools to work for them immediately to solve a pressing problem. And you’ll love the income these free offers generate on the backend!

Here’s what you’re about to discover inside this lesson:

• A simple three-step process for creating templates from scratch (even if you have no idea where to start).

• The three essential components every high-quality template must possess.

• A completely surprising way to monetize templates – most people overlook this strategy!

Very few marketers use documents and forms as a freebie, simply because they never even thought about them. And that makes these products in high demand! Here’s what you’ll learn inside this lesson:

• A four-step process for quickly and easily creating this rarely used free offer!

• A surprisingly simple way to get two offers in front of two audiences when you use this freebie strategy!

• How to get your prospects sharing your documents and forms like crazy – your traffic grows exponentially and effortlessly!

Email Mini – Course

The big advantage of delivering a mini-course by email is that prospects give you their BEST email addresses – and they open your emails, see your links, and click on them!

Here’s what’s inside this lesson:

• How to choose a topic that will get prospects eagerly opening every email you send to them!

• How to craft a five-part series that keeps readers engaged and clicking on your offers!

• The #1 trick for making more sales with this strategy – don’t mess this up!


Contendeos are content videos that present one big idea on the frontend, and sell a related offer on the backend. Here’s what you’ll learn inside this lesson:

• The three different types of contendeos you can create – and which one is right for your needs!

• The three-step process for planning and producing your video – and what to do if you don’t have the equipment or tech skills to do it yourself!

• Three tips and tricks for maximizing profits on the backend of your contendeo!

Q/A Group Coaching

Question and answer sessions are great ways to showcase your expertise, especially if you’re selling coaching or information products on the backend. Here’s what you’ll learn inside this lesson:

• The two keys to choosing a profitable topic for your group-coaching session!

• How to gather, create and answer in-demand questions that naturally lead to big profits on the backend!

• The #1 best way to sell more products inside your question and answer session!


These are great freebies that engage your audience and get them taking action. Inside this lesson you’ll find out:

• Five surprising features you can include in your worksheet to engage prospects and help them solve a problem!

• How to come up with awesome questions for your worksheet… even if you’re not an ace at brainstorming!

• Two easy ways to turn your prospects into cash-paying customers!


Prospects love these free offers because a checklist guide or planner gives them the “missing link” that many information products lack. Here’s what you’ll discover inside this lesson:

• How to research and develop a high-quality checklist that’s sure to impress everyone who lays their eyes on it!

• A simple trick for boosting the conversion rate of your backend offer – you’re going to want to start using this with all your free offers!

• Plenty of tips and examples to get you on the right track to making and monetizing a checklist guide or planner in any niche!

Buyer’s Guide

Your buyers are looking for trusted information to help them make a buying decision, which is why this type of free content is so popular and so profitable!

Here’s what you’ll get inside this lesson:

• You’ll learn about the two types of buyers guides and which one you should create! (Get this wrong, and you’ll leave money on the table!)

• A five-part outline that you can swipe to quickly and easily create a buyers guide ASAP!

• The surprising truth about monetizing this freebie – read this carefully, so you don’t accidentally sabotage your profit strategy!

Swipe Files/Tips

Prospects use swipe files every single time they complete a task (such as writing a sales letter), which means they’ll see your links repeatedly over time. This means big conversion for you!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

• The three questions you must ask yourself before creating a swipe file – once you know the answer, you’ll know how to create the best and most profitable swipe file for your niche!

• How to brainstorm and research your way to a free offer that quickly becomes your prospects favorite resource!

• The #1 best way to monetize your swipe file using a simple two-step process!

Mind Maps/Process Maps

Prospects love these maps, because they present information in a new (non-linear) way. They also make great tools for printing off and hanging up, which means prospects will see your ad repeatedly!

Here’s what you’ll get inside this lesson:

• A simple process for determining whether a mind map or process map will be more profitable for your niche!

• An easy three-step process for creating in-demand process maps and mind maps!

• An unexpected way to monetize these maps – do it right, and this is a freebie that will pay big dividends over the long run!

Article Library

This free offer is popular because prospects get an overview of several subtopics in your niche (such as the top garden pests and how to get rid of them). You’ll love this freebie because it gives you a chance to promote multiple offers!

Here’s what you get:

• How to choose a topic for your library that’s sure to be both popular and extremely profitable!

• A step-by-step guide for quickly and easily creating your article library – plus a tip for really speeding up the process!

• You’ll find out the right way to monetize this strategy – don’t even think about dropping a link until you read the last half of this lesson!

And that’s not all! Here’s what else you get when you order now

Resource 1. The Free Offer Creation Worksheet

Are you ready to start creating your own free offers? Then use this worksheet to walk through the “FREEBIE” formula for creating a high-quality, effective freemium. Here’s an overview of the formula:

• Finalize Your Backend Offer
• Review Potential Topics
• Establish a Format
• Explore the Market
• Build Your Freebie
• Insert Call to Action
• Excite Prospects

Here’s what else you get when you order now…

Resource 2: 120 Examples of Highly Effective Free Offers Across 10 Popular Markets

Need ideas of what sort of freebies to create? Then you’re going to love this swipe file. Here you’ll find 10 examples (across 10 popular markets) of each of the 12 types of freebies you’ve been learning about in “How Free Products Lead to Profit”.

Here are the 12 types of free offers:

• Infographics/Cheat Sheets
• Worksheets
• Templates
• Checklist/Planner
• Documents/Forms
• Buyer’s Guide
• Email Mini Course
• Swipe Files/Tips
• Contendeos
• Mind Maps/Process Maps
• Q/A Group Coaching
• Article Library

And here are the 10 markets where we’ll share examples of the above 12 freebiess:

• Make Money Online
• Employment/Career-Building
• Weight Loss/Fitness
• Organic Gardening
• Travel
• Self-Improvement
• Relationships
• Finance/Investment/Saving
• Writing/Fiction
• Adoption

This file is going to get your head swimming with great ideas!

Resource 3: 5 Steps To Buying PLR To Create Your Free Offer

How about using PLR (Private Label Rights) to create your free offers? That works great too!

But you want to make sure you are getting the highest quality PLR content with the best resources. In this resource, we’re giving you the steps to use to ensure you get great content. Plus some of our best vendors so you don’t have to search the internet looking for the right stuff.

Resource 4: 10 Mistakes People Make With Free Offers (And How To Fix Them)

No matter what type of free content you’re creating, you’ll save yourself time, money and frustration down the road if you avoid the ten mistakes revealed inside this bonus. Be sure to read them once more before you start working on your next piece of content!

Resource 5: The Five Fundamentals Of Free Offers That Convert

A lot of marketers who’re creating freebies for the first time tend to get disappointing results. And in many cases, it’s because they haven’t followed the five fundamentals for creating free offers that convert.

The good news is that you’re about to discover these fundamentals when you download this package today – and that means you’ll know how to create high-converting, profitable free offers!

Resource 6: 20 Freebie Shortcuts To Make Them Faster, Easier And Better

Chances are, you’re not going to make just one free offer. Once you see how well a good freebies works to generate sales and newsletter subscribers, you’re going to want to create quite a few of them. And that’s why you’ll want to pay attention to these 20 tips, tricks and shortcuts for making free offers faster, easier and better!

I think you’ll agree that these bonuses, cheat sheets and the main checklists are just what you need to generate more revenue this year.

At this point you’re liking what you see. After all, while everyone talks about free offers, hardly anyone tells you how to make and monetize these 12 types of popular and profitable products.

So now you’re wondering…

Resource 7: 24 Hours To Your First Sales Funnel

The only way to monetize free offers is to have a great funnel in place.

That’s why we’re including an hour by hour checklist to get your first funnel built and launched in 24 hours.

Buckle up because you’re going to have a funnel ready to go in no time!

Resource 8: Free Offer Funnel Templates
Sometimes you just need to see what your funnel is going to look like on paper.

That’s why this printable PDF resource is super valuable.

Print it out and start filling in the blanks with your free offers and products on paper before you ever start building. You’ll see 5 sample funnels you can print out and fill in the blanks.


Session 1 – Why email marketing isn’t dead?

That headline comes across our inboxes at regular intervals. Marketers are consistently calling for the morgue to put poor old-school email marketing in the ground once and for all. But of course, it landed in your inbox… in an email… from a marketer selling you something better… that they’re not using at the moment…

Hmm, maybe it’s not really dead at all.

In fact, email marketing is stronger than ever. With triple-digit growth in online shopping last year, you must have an email address to get your products – even physical products – delivered.

Scammy, spammy email marketing is dead – at least we hope so. But relationship marketing that delivers value, as well as solutions to specific problems, is very much alive.

Session 2 – What are the most important tools and assets required to be an effective email marketer?

That’s the question everyone asks. “Where is the Easy Button?”

In the NAMS Accelerator Workshops, we don’t blow smoke. So, here is the truth. There is no easy button. No one-step, pushbutton, business-in-a-box tool that will create all your emails for you and deliver sales on a regular basis.

There ARE many tools that will HELP you build a SYSTEM that works for you, but any good system is going to be unique to you.

Having said that, we will go through the must-have tool categories and assets that help you get the most out of your investment, both in time and money.

We want you to be effective and efficient with the right tools at hand so you can stack your cash as fast as possible.

Session 3 – Start with the goals in mind including a roadmap to a better than average ROI

If you have an online business with legs, one that stays around for a while and serves loyal customers over and over, you’ll need a personalized roadmap to make sure that you hit your goals.

Your email roadmap is another strategy for reaching a bigger goal – profit. What’s your revenue and profit goal?

You’ll start by creating a realistic financial goal and creating an email strategy that enables that.

Session 4 – Engage or disrupt? What’s your style?

As Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

An email is not just an email. There are different types of email for different purposes. And we’ll go through those during this session.

Email marketing can be a hammer that churns prospects and customers with emails that interrupt your prospects all day long trying to get them to buy something.

Or it can be a flashlight that leads prospects through the darkness and illuminates their options along the way. A skilled email writer and campaign creator can build a personal relationship with the reader long before they meet in person – if they ever do – by engaging in value dialogue with solutions to problems and speaking their language.

Session 5 – Triple your revenue with segmentation…

If there’s a secret to effective email marketing, this is it.


By segmenting your email list, you can leverage a beautiful concept called behavioral marketing. By knowing what your prospect and customer has done, you can more easily predict what they want. And that massively increases your conversions.

But of course, it’s more work. We’ll talk about why it’s important to start this early and get into the habit and we’ll demonstrate how you can easily triple your revenue.

Session 6 – Evergreen campaigns vs Broadcast emails

Do the work once and get paid forever. That’s our mantra.

So, when we focus on evergreen campaigns, that’s what we’re practicing.

But there’s a place for broadcast emails as well and we’ll go into when to use both and why.

Session 7 – Turning on your money machine with email marketing

With a little experience, you’ll understand the power of email campaigns. In this section, we’ll demonstrate how to use what you’ve learned so far to build a real cash machine using email.

And most of it can be done automatically.

Session 8 – Tips, Tweaks and Tricks that generate more consistent ROI

As with all aspects of marketing, testing and tweaking your results is key to improving your ROI.

And as your business grows, you understand the difference that a couple of percentage points in conversions can make in your bottom line.

Knowing where to look to eek out those small increments are important.

BONUS: How to Choose the Right Autoresponder for You to Help YOUR Business Be More Profitable Everyday

Your autoresponder is your most important tool. Unfortunately, there are a million of them out there.

Some are a complete waste of time. Others are too expensive. Many give you much more than you need to be profitable. And finally, most don’t give you the capabilities required to grow your business with them.

We go through the attributes and requirements of a successful email marketing business to help you decided which autoresponder you need.

Then we take a look as some of them to help you compare the many options.

BONUS: Sure Fire Techniques to Get Approved as an Affiliate in Any Niche on Any Program

When you’re just starting out, it’s nearly impossible to get approved as an affiliate if you don’t know the vendor, haven’t a proven sales record, and don’t have a massive list.

And if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer who rakes in the cash with email marketing, you have to get approved first.

In this 32-minute bonus training video, we focus on the best ethical and proven strategies to get approved as an affiliate.

BONUS: Install WordPress in a Safe, Easy, and Secure Way!

The WordPress platform powers almost 40% of the internet. And there’s a very good reason for that.

It’s reliable, secure, active, and easy to use.

Getting it installed properly can seem daunting but if you follow these simple steps, it’s easy-peasy…

BONUS: How to Use Simple Click Tracker to Manage, Redirect, Track, and Improve Traffic Through One Simple Dashboard

Simple Click Tracker is a powerful tool to track and manage your links to both internal and external sites.

But that’s just the beginning. With the additional features you can easily make marketing decisions, test different offers, and decide what social media followers see when you post your links.

BONUS: How to Use Simple Video Management System to Manage ALL Your Videos from Any Source in One Dashboard

Having trouble managing your videos? Can you even find all your videos on your site?

If you use Simple Video Management System, you’ll never have to look any further than your SVMS dashboard to find any video from any source.

And you’ll be able to control how those videos display on your site while controlling the marketing behavior as well.

BONUS: How to Use a Low-Cost Online Service to Create Articles and Email Content to Maximize Your Productivity

Content is a massive issue. And the bane of every online marketer. Conducting business successfully online means creating massive amounts of content in the form of articles, blog posts, tweets and emails as well as graphics.

iWriter is one of the best ways to create content fast and at a very low cost. In this video training, we show you how to maximize your use of iWriter to create more and more content.

BONUS: Keyword Tools Are Expensive and Overpriced…Except This One: Keyword Atlas

Keyword Atlas is our keyword tool of choice because it does 90 percent of what the higher-priced tools do but with a very low one time fee.

In this special training, we show you how to use Keyword Atlas to extract the best keywords to build content plans, improve your SEO results, and get more organic traffic.


FINALLY Uncover the Secret to Creating One Single Income Stream and Measure Your Progress while Continuing to Create Long-Term Growth without Working Yourself to Death

And what if the hidden clue was as simple as understanding 4 numbers that drive your business no matter what product or niche you’re in…
“In just a day of training, you have helped me get further than I have in the past six years. You break it all down and make it easy to understand and implement.”

This workshop is all about creating an additional income (or your first) as fast as possible.

This is a big package with a lot of focused foundational training. You’ll get:

√ 5 Pre-Workshop Homework sessions

√ 8 Training sessions in the Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop

√ PDFs of all the slides in the training

√ Transcripts of all the training sessions with time stamps so you can go to specific parts of the video training and review certain sections as needed

√ Proprietary NAMS Income Stream Calculator tool

√ Proprietary NAMS Tweet Composer tool

√ Templates including:

Hub and Spoke traffic template
Customer Avatar template
7 Step StorySelling template to help create persuasive content
4 Email promotional templates
10 Email nurture series campaign template
√ 15 Bonus videos highlighting tools we use to make money

√ Private Facebook group

If you are brand spanking new to online business and have never made a sale online or haven’t yet started building your list yet, we want to get you up and running now by clearing away all the obstacles and laying out a simple action plan that becomes the foundation of your online business.

If you already have an established business, but would like more revenue streams, this is for you too.

Listen, one income stream is good, but what happens if it goes away. That’s bad. Just one income stream is dangerous. What if you have 10 income streams and one goes away? Not much, you’ve still got 9 and you know how to create more.

That’s why the Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop is so important. You must uncover the fastest way to build profitable income streams in any niche.

And we walk you through that process step-by-step.

  • Real Business
    By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to have a real business set up that will pay you for years to come.
  • Strategic And Tactical Plan
    Focus on the long-term strategy for your business including growth with fast sales to fund your growth.
  • Understand Digital Diversification
    Replicate and multiply your streams of income with an easy to follow checklist customized for your niche
  • Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity
    Remove as many roadblocks and complexities as possible to focus on simple, successful, repeatable processes as possible.

Session 1: Overview Collapse

Get started fast with the key elements of your business. Set the proper expectations for the workshop to ease the overwhelming pressure on you, and reveal the structure of the training. Get comfortable. We’ve got you with this. In this session, we’ll give you a tool that helps you identify exactly what has to happen to achieve your goal.

Session 2: Customer Avatar Collapse

Your biggest success happens when you target the right audience. And there are two elements to that process. The first is identifying your customers and learning their language. You have to know them so well you live inside their head. After this session, you’ll complete the customer avatar research and worksheet using our proprietary template and training.

Session 3: Keyword Research Collapse

Building your business foundation on solid footing requires in-depth keyword research. A lot of lazy marketers bypass this process. I should know. I was one of those for years. And I missed out on a ton of FREE organic traffic because I didn’t create content with solid keywords. Keywords and the customer avatar and it will drive your targeted content and traffic plan forever simplifying your profitable plan.

Session 4: Hub and Spoke Traffic and Content Plan Collapse

This is a simple process that flows from the customer avatar and the keyword research to essentially spit out the topics that you focus on to drive strategic content. When people see this simple concept, the light bulb moments ignite and they understand suddenly how simple content can drive massive organic traffic.

At the end of this session, you’ll do the keyword research to build your hub and spoke traffic plan.

Session 5: Critical Content Creation Collapse

Anchor posts, webinars, course material, supporting content for your primary hub. These are all important pieces of the puzzle and in this session, you’ll discover how to create content with a purpose that drives your entire business to build more ongoing profit.

Session 6: Using Your Infrastructure Collapse

Build and schedule email campaigns that work forever. Create WordPress pages and Social Media posts to deliver content on a regular basis. Never create one-and-done content and campaigns again. Focus on the sales mechanism that drives continuous sales.

Session 7: Implementation Checklist with End Goal Collapse

Complete your personal checklist based on your business and your goals to create a repeatable process that becomes the blueprint for multiple streams of income. After all the training that has come before this, you’ll be able to crank out potential income streams fast using your own checklist.

Session 8: Continuous Improvement Collapse

Your job is simple. Measure your progress, tweak your conversion points and continue to create long-term growth without working yourself to death.



It’s Like Having Your Own Business Coach & Trainer Wrapped Into One

Discover HOW To Scale & Grow Your Business Using Step – By – Step Proven Marketing, Traffic and Foundational Strategies

Our Six Figure Momentum Circle Members are serious about moving the needle in their business. The exclusive member only trainings are created for business owners who want to grow and scale their business, without the headache, confusion or overwhelm “figuring” out how to implement new marketing and operations strategies. Delivered monthly in your members only webinar room, you’ll have the opportunity to study in depth core concepts, ask questions and implement right away!

Priced at only $9.99/mo and jam-packed with strategies, case studies and insights we gained from growing our own revenue streams, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how to grow your revenue by following step by step marketing and business strategies that work
  • Never get stuck with tech because you’ll have an in-depth look at the systems and processes we use to scale and grow our business
  • Save money and time by using our test results and strategies
  • Master your marketing and business skills through case studies and strategy spotlights

A few of the topics we’re covering in our newest program The Six Figure Momentum Circle:

  1. How to build a simple, converting funnel
  2. The 3 email campaigns every business needs and how to create them
  3. Writing blog content that converts to sales and leads
  4. The secrets of automation
  5. Getting traffic on Facebook
  6. How to select a solo ad provider and buy an ad
  7. How to write a JV page for affiliate promotions
  8. How to create a bridge page for your affiliate offers

Each month, we’ll choose a topic and we’ll meet you live on our private webinar channel.

We’ll complete the training, answer questions, you’ll implement, test and tweak and be ready to jump on the next month’s call to nail another strategy.

If you can’t attend the calls live, don’t worry.

If you’re not ready to dive into a specific topic we’re covering, don’t worry.

You’ll have a library of training at your fingertips to watch at your convenience.

So if you’re serious about scaling and growing your business to create the income and lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, then this is the group for you.

And you’ll be shocked at the ridiculously low price.

We’ve been testing this membership group for the past 4 months. Over 1000 business owners just like you have taken advantage of our live calls


  • More than 50 Step-by-Step training programs on all aspects of building a business online.
  • Marketing software to help you get more customers faster.
  • Monthly reports, checklists, workbooks and resource directories to help you tackle a specific topic.
  • Automatic access to The MyNAMS Profit Planners Library
  • Automatic access to The Six Figure Momentum Circle monthly program at no cost
  • And the big one that people love is our Weekly Live Mastermind call each Thursday.

Exclusive Weekly Mastermind – $1,000.00 Value

Every week, we‘ll get on live and work to show you how to build the business of your dreams.

You’ll literally be handed the keys to the kingdom as we get down in the trenches with you and show you what’s working and what’s not.

Plus, we answer your questions and review your site with live demonstration on screen!

If you can’t be there live, no problem! Submit your questions to us prior to the call and we’ll get them answered. Every call is recorded and can be accessed in your members area.