Signs You May Have A Pest Problem

A pest infestation is one of the things we all desperately want to avoid, and one that finds us anyways. Having pests at home and the workplace is damaging not only to one’s peace of mind but also to health. 

Having pests in a commercial space can also cause a violation of health safety standards by the local municipality. Seeing signs you may have a pest problem means an inspection and control service is necessary. For instance, the Dubai municipality has made it mandatory for all commercial spaces to hire municipality-approved pest control. However, HOW do you know you need pest control Dubai services?

Here are the top signs you may have a pest problem.

Seeing Live Pests

One or two pests on rare occasions are not necessarily a problem. For instance, ants are attracted to food and can detect its presence far off. So it is normal to have ants around if you’ve left food out or haven’t cleaned up food crumbs. 

However, seeing the same critters over and over again, especially at night time, points toward one of the signs you may have a pest problem that is well past its initial stages. You can inspect the pests closely to see where they come from or run off to find the source and confirm your suspicions. 

Spotting Dead Pests

Seeing live pests is a problem, and so is seeing dead ones. Just because the bugs you see are dead does not mean no infestation. The likely cause of pests dying on their own is exposure to unusual temperatures, certain food, or even being harmed by other pests. If you see dead pests frequently, call a pest inspection service as soon as possible to uncover a potential infestation of the live ones.

Eggs & Droppings

Some pests, such as roaches and rodents, prefer the dark to make an appearance out of their hidey-hole. These pests are also pretty smart at evading detection, so you may miss even a large infestation. 

However, pests may leave something behind, some unpleasant signs you may have a pest problem. For instance, upholstery (bottom of couches and chairs), cardboard storage boxes, and the back of wooden frames are some places where you can find roach eggs. Rodents leave behind droppings that are larger than other pest droppings—and therefore more visible.

Bites & Allergies

Getting bug bites after you’ve spent some time lounging outside, especially on the grass, is not unusual. What’s unusual is getting bug bites out of nowhere when you haven’t been outdoors. Moreover, getting these bites frequently is a cause for concern—one of the signs you may have a pest problem. 

Bed bugs are often the culprits behind bites that irritate. Mites also bite, causing red rashes. While most other common household pests do not cause harm to humans, some may cause allergic reactions.

Damage To Belongings

Are you seeing shredded wiring, plumbing, and holes in wood in your home? Some of the damages you can blame on exposure to the environment, others on sneaky pests. Rodents (rats and mice) especially love gnawing through a lot of stuff as a means to sharpen their teeth. Any damage to furniture and other wooden belongings points toward termites.

Unusual Odors

Some pests leave behind weird odors where they roam around repeatedly. Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas for pests such as roaches, which is why these are the rooms you will first detect a musky, sometimes foul smell in case of a pest infestation. 

Rats and mice leave behind the smell of ammonia, while roaches tend to give off an “oily” odor. Ants and other tiny pests don’t generally cause smells, although a severe infestation of termites can result in the smell of mold/mildew or damp leaves.

Strange Sounds

In addition to the sense of smell, use your sense of sound to detect a pest infestation. Since many pests are active at night, hearing the sound of squeaking, gnawing, scratching, or scurrying late at night may be more than just creaky floorboards and old plumbing. 

If you suspect but can’t see any signs you may have a pest problem, listen carefully. Storage rooms, basements, and attics and where some pests—especially rodents—take refuge. Bathrooms and places with plumbing and heating systems are also hotspots for pests.

Bonus: Outdoor Signs Of Pests

Damage to leave, flowers and any grown produce is a sign of a pest infestation. If you have a garage, check for the signs mentioned above. Rats and rodents may also take refuge in warm car engines and thus cause harm to wires and create funky odors. If you have a pond or any other water feature, that may be the starting point for a mosquito problem in summer.

What’s Next?

If you see one or more signs of a pest infestation, pick up the phone and make that call. Prompt pest control service with occasional maintenance is the best way to keep your home or workplace pest-free.