6 Warning Signs That You Need Roof Repair ASAP

When you own a home, you must know the associated responsibilities of owning a home too. Taking care of your roof is one that responsibility that most homeowners often neglect. If you want you to ensure that your building is secure enough to live, its roofing must be in good condition. A well-maintained roof not only enhances your security but it also increases the resale value of your home.

Inspecting your roof for the purpose of detecting any sort of damage is not that easy.  Roof damages are of several kinds and the one who is not trained for the job finds it really difficult to assess the type and extent of the damage. When you are inspecting your roof to detect any kind of roof damage, you should first look for these warning signs.

#1     Roof Leaks

Apparently, when you inspected your roof, you found nothing wrong with it but there are water stains on your ceiling. It means there is something really wrong and you are unable to assess it, consider hiring a roof leak repair expert. Leak repair experts are well trained to locate the spot from where the leakage is occurring.

It is just not their skill but also the equipment that helps them quickly find out where the water is leaking. Hire them and resolve the issue so that no more water enters your home. If you will delay the repair, this leaking water will damage the entire structure of your home.

damage roof repair

#2    Cracks & Holes On The Roof

This is one of the most visible signs that your roof is damaging and you are supposed to call a roof repair contractor ASAP. You must take these holes and cracks as a serious issue as these very holes and cracks become the cause of water leaks and make your roof difficult to repair.

#3     Missing Shingles

In the US most homeowners prefer to install roofs that are made of asphalt shingles and it is because of their long-lasting nature. If maintained well, a shingle roof can last for more than 25 years. It is their durable nature that they easily withstand hot and cold weather. When a few shingles are blown away by strong winds, a bald spot occurs there which becomes the reason behind deadly roof leaks. To avoid such situations, you must keep inspecting your roof and fill the bald spot with new shingles as soon as you notice one.

#4   Clogged Gutters

Mostly the homeowners prefer to install gutters on their roofs for the purpose of removing excess water from the building. These gutters get clogged when you do not regularly clean them especially after heavy rains; it becomes essential for you to have your gutters cleaned. When lots of sand or gravel accumulates in the gutters, the situation becomes quite alarming as it is the reason behind the clogging of gutters and clogged gutters are highly dangerous for your roof.

#5   Stains & Discoloring

You can really see the stains on the ceilings and on the walls and it is quite a visible sign that you might need the services of the roofing specialist. As soon as you hire a professional, he will find out what actually the root cause of this problem is and how to repair it.

#6   Roof Sagging

If you notice that your roof is sagging, immediately call a roofing contractor because it is quite dangerous for the safety of your loved ones. Sagging usually occurs due to the improper installation of the roof or due to the heavy-weight of shingles. As soon as you are aware of the issue, hire a contractor and get it repaired right away.