Signs of Relationship Abandonment and How to Overcome This


The most common yet ignored issue that cannot let you enjoy a happy and peaceful relationship is the fear of abandonment. Most people don’t realize that they something going wrong with them because they have grown up with this fear. If a child loses someone at an early age, he gets more vulnerable to developing this fear that everyone will leave them. When you start developing the same fear in your relationship, you will be more cautious, anxious, and curious about everything. These extremes can distort your mental peace as well as your relationship with your partner. Here are some of the major signs of relationship abandonment issues and how you can overcome them.

Signs Of Relationship Abandonment

There are a lot of signs to check if you are facing any relationship abandonment issue, but the following are the most common.

Giving Too Much In The Relationship

When you are anxious that this person you love will leave you like everyone else, you start thinking that maybe you were not good enough. So, you try extra hard to make this relationship last so that your partner will stay no matter what you have to do for that. You will do all the efforts regardless of how your partner responds to that. You will get too clingy sometimes that can make you seem over-demanding.


Because you fear that you will be left behind for someone better, you start to question everything and close all the doors for trusting your partner. Insecurity is the biggest issue that leads to doubt and separation according to family law Manchester. If you keep on asking questions about every single detail, they will feel that you don’t trust them. It can further agitate them to the point that your fear has a chance of coming true.

Fear Of Rejection

Sometimes, a person with abandonment issues will close himself/herself by becoming cold and detached. Such people do not let other people come on the horizon of their trust no matter how badly they want to be loved. Even if they love the other person, they fear that they will get rejected somehow, and this person that they love will move on easily.

How To Cope-Up With Abandonment Issues

If you are having any of these abandonment issues, here is how you can cope with the situation.

Do Not Set Idealistic Expectations

This is the major cause of relationship endings. Expectations always hurt and it is quite true. When you raise your bars in a relationship and your partner doesn’t even know about how you are fantasizing everything things get worse. Try to understand that your partner isn’t a mind reader. Stay in reality as much as you can, and if you need something tell them instead of waiting for them to know by magic.

Validate Yourself

Some people need other people’s validation to know about their worth. This is your biggest mistake. Stop relying on people’s opinions about you and celebrate your individuality by validating yourself first.


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