Signs of a Blocked Drain

Our homes are a constant source of money-guzzling. Whether it’s home improvements such as a new carpet, an attic conversion or buying a new 65” smart TV on which to binge-watch Netflix box sets, our houses love us to spend money on them. 

Sometimes though – and more often than we like – we have to spend money on maintenance and repairs. 

Some repairs can be done by ourselves but some require you to call the professionals in. 

Blocked drains are one of these times. 

Sure, you can try fixing a blocked drain yourself by pouring products bought in your local supermarket down the drain but these can actually cause more problems than they solve. You can even try home remedies involving vinegar and baking soda but you’d be better off saving the vinegar to put on your chips. 

However, a blocked drain should never be ignored in the vain hope the problem will go away. You must take action before the problem gets worse. 

If any of the signs below apply to your situation and you think you might have blocked drains, call out a drainage company to come and have a look to fix the problem and give you peace of mind. 

Slow draining water

If the water in all your household fixtures that use water have slow-draining water, i.e. the water in your kitchen sink, bathroom basin, toilet, shower, bath, etc., isn’t draining out as quickly as it should, then you probably have a blocked drain. 

However, if the water is only draining slowly out of one of your fixtures, e.g. the kitchen sink, then it’s probably not a blocked drain but a blockage in just that pipe and you can either unblock it yourself or call a plumber in. 

Another way to find out if it’s a blocked drain or an isolated problem in one pipe is to run the bathroom basin tap. If doing this causes the water in the toilet to rise, then it’s a blocked drain. 

Bad smells

Another way to tell if you have a blocked drain is if bad odours are coming from either inside or from your outside drain. 

Food can get blocked in drains and rot over time, causing the bad smell. It can be tempting to try and flush away the bad smell by turning on the tap and running water down the pipes and drain but this can actually make the smell worse by aggravating the bacteria. 

Strange sounds

Our senses really do come in handy when it comes to blocked drains. We can see slow draining water or a toilet that has a higher water level than usual and we can smell bad odours coming from the drains. 

Although we don’t recommend you try to taste a blocked drain, you will hear strange gurgling sounds should they arise. 

The strange gurgling noises you might hear when letting water out of your bath or sink, or when you flush the toilet, is caused by trapped air trying to push its way through a blocked system. 

As we said in the beginning, if you suspect you have a blocked drain, don’t ignore it in the hope that it will suddenly fix itself. Blocked drains unfortunately don’t fix themselves. 

If it’s not something you’re comfortable tackling yourself, call a professional in before a blockage turns into something more serious, causing costly damage to your property.