Significance of the Japanese Language and its Global Population

Japanese is one of the hugely spoken languages around the globe. It is spoken by around 126 million people; most of these obviously belong to Japan. Needless is to say that Japanese is the national language of Japan. The language basically falls under the Japoni language category. It can be related to the Korean language to some extent.

What Makes Japanese Significant?

The best part about the Japanese language is its simple phonotactics, which makes it easy to understand. Enriched with the purest vowel system, the language is known for its literal and grammatical clarity. A growing number of Japanese speaking populations outside Japan have increased demand for Japanese translation services.

Japan apart, there is a great number of Japanese speakers in China. The Philippines have a huge Japanese speaking population as well. The language is quite known in the Pacific Islands. Most of the population speaking Japanese here are equally efficient in writing as well.

Global Japanese Speaking Population

Japan emigrants in most of the nations speak Japanese. Specifically, this is one of the biggest communities in Brazil. In fact, Japanese immigrants in Brazil can easily count 1.5 million. Around 12 % of the Hawaii population also speak in Japanese. It is estimated that around 13% of the population here have Japanese origin.

There are a huge number of Japanese emigrants one can find in nations like Peru and Australia. Specifically, the eastern states of Australia have a huge Japanese population. A great percentage of the Canadian population belongs to Japanese origin; those obviously speak the Japanese language. In fact, around 1.4% of the population in Vancouver are having Japanese ancestry.

Coming to the United States, around 17% population of Hawaii belongs to Japanese ancestry. In the Philippines, Davao and Laguna’s provinces have a huge Japanese speaking population. There is a great percentage of Japanese speaking population in the entire nation as well. Among others, a great percentage of the population in California speak in Japanese.

The huge Japanese speaking population around the globe, as cited above, makes Japanese translation services so much popular. Business groups interested in investing in Japan also look for the services of such.

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