Significance of Off-Page SEO Optimization

SEO is the way of optimizing your web page according to the particular keyword to improve your ranking in SERP. For your information, search engine optimization is divided into two types:


On-Page Optimization


On-Page optimization is related to the activities that are taking place during the development of a website for improved ranking. This will be dependent on the website developer or administrator.


Off-Page Optimization


Off-Page Optimization is related to the activities of the users. It will not dependent on the website developer or administrator, but the off-Page optimization will be dependent on the on-page optimization.


Significance of Off-Page Optimization


It is important to note that the on-page optimization will be enough to rank your website higher in top search results. You might be wondering, why you need off-page Optimization? Well, the answer is that your site will need proper on-page optimization along with the good quality of content. But when the competitor comes in, then the comparison will be made for two-web pages.


The off-page optimization will help you increasing the external links to your site through important off-page factors. This will help you in driving traffic to your website and this will increase your domain authority and page rank.

The importance of off-page optimization factors are:


1-Link Building

Without any doubt, link building is an effectiveoff-pageSEO technique2019 that will help you to rank higher on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in comparison to your competitors. Not that there are different types of link building listed below:


Internal Linking

It’s the way of providing one or more links to another web page within your own website. The Text for the link provided will be called Anchor Text. The anchor text is suggested to be a keyword of the destination page that will assist Google bot to understand the content related to that anchor text. The usage of a keyword as an anchor text is applicable for both internal and external links.


External Linking

This is the way of providing one or more links to another web page that are belonging to a different website. The external links from your own website will not affect much of the ranking but getting a link from another website for your website will definitely improve our ranking. It will also help in increasing the page authority.


The external link can be further classified into two types:

  • Do-Follow Link

It is a text with a link and there will not any attribute mentioned like “rel= ” in its HTML tag. As a default, all the hyperlinks will be considered as do-follow links. Search Engine Bots and humans can follow these Do-Follow links.


  • No-Follow Link

No-Follow Link is linked but contains an attribute “rel” that is mentioned as nofollow. A human can follow these No-follow links but Search Engine Bots will not follow this No-follow Links. Note that the Number of No-follow links will assist you in increasing the page rank of the webpage.


2-Social Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking is not just a popular way of submitting the website. But it is also an effective way to get more traffic toward your website.


3-Social Media Marketing


Social Media is an important part of off-page optimization. This will help you to drive large volume of traffic toward your website. It will help your content to the people by making it visible in their feeds.


Hope now you are aware of the importance of off-page SEO optimization. It is very important just like the on-page SEO to get traffic on your website.

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