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Bed bugs are extant worldwide. It is a parasite that feeds on blood and attacks not just humans but also domestic and wild animals, birds, bats, rodents, and other warm-blooded species. Ottawa bed bugs infest homes by active migration through electrical cables, cracks, and gaps that connect with neighboring homes, or by passive migration transported by birds, bats, or people, or hidden in new or used clothing or belongings that enter the home. So be watchful when traveling. 

How to locate Ottawa bed bugs

Bed bugs chart a nocturnal activity. During the day, they hide in cracks in the walls, floor, bed, and furniture. Adults feed on average once a week for 3 to 15 minutes but feed many times throughout their lives. When the temperature drops below 16°C, the adults go into semi-hibernation and can thus survive for months. Signs of their presence are their droppings’, red or brown stains and a characteristic unpleasant sweet smell.

Is there heat and cold heat treatment for Ottawa bed bugs? 

Yes. There are two types of thermal treatment: cold and heat. Both treatments aim to eliminate all stages of insect development. The difference is that the cold thermal treatment is carried out at temperatures below -18º C and the thermal heat treatment is carried out at more than 45ºC. 

Is a heat treatment as good as regular fumigation? 

Today, the heat treatment is more effective than any standard fumigation. The significant difference is that no chemicals are used that can harm people and the environment. This form of heat treatment has many advantages and it’s ecological. 

Why seek Ottawa pest control heat treatment

Heat treatment is effective as long as it is carried out proficiently, as is the case with all treatments. In addition, it is a treatment that does not require a safety period. Ottawa pest control is safer for not using harmful insecticides or biocides. On the other hand, you do not need to seal the areas for several hours.

Bed Co-Op- the best ecological heat treatment system in Ottawa Pest Control 

Autumn arrives with rains and a considerable temperature drop. That temperature drop and cold is when the eggs of many insects hatch. This forces bed bugs to seek a safe shelter that protects them from the cold so that they can spend the winter and reproduce in optimal thermal conditions.

With Bed Co-Op heat treatment, we apply heat in a controlled and monitored manner to where the infestation is found (homes, industrial buildings, commercial premises, trains, food companies, wagons, etc.). Because heat denatures proteins and physically destroys tissues, this technique can eliminate all stages of the insect (egg, larva, and adult).

What other advantages does Bed Co-Op have over Ottawa bed bugs?

It is ecological since it does not use chemical products to control and exterminate the plague.

Heat is a control mechanism. It is the best method to eliminate eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. Some methods, which may be ideal in other circumstances, do not achieve practically total efficiency when we want to eliminate larvae or eggs.

It is harmless, both for people and for belongings or material objects. After applying the heat treatment, if you work, for example, in an office, you will be able to return to work immediately since no chemical products have been applied that advice not using the work area for a few hours. In addition, it is also harmless for furniture and other objects to avoid damage to furniture or machinery, for example.

Why Ottawa exterminators are the best professionals.

If you need to exterminate your home or company and are looking for an ecological treatment that is also effective, do not hesitate to find out about the Bed Co-Op. We have a trained team of professionals in Ottawa who advise and assist you well throughout the process.

  • We save time: In just an hour of heat treatment at the target temperature, we can eliminate the pest.
  • Flexibility: We train our teams with different scopes and how to effectively follow the commands. We are always there for you.

The heat control system is operational across Ottawa. Hurry up. Do not let these bed bugs infest your place. Call us now.

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