Siemens Tesler platform Canada Review 2023 – Scam Or Legit?

Tesler – a project involving major Canada corporations! How much can Every citizen of Canada earn from it?

When implementing Tesler platform, billion-dollar corporations, such as Siemens, DBS, OCBC Bank, joined their efforts for a common – goal to give every citizen of Canada the opportunity to earn passive income!

What benefits did each company bring to the new project?

Siemens developed a unique application for the Tesler platform. The largest banking groups DBS and OCBC – ensured zero tax on profits from the Tesler platform! This is the greatest achievement of the financial world in recent years! Tesler has provided all the resources so that the platform can be implemented and investors and founders can make money.

March 9, 2022 at 01:14 pm Musk, has posted news on Facebook and Twitter about the launch of the new platform, which is already sweeping the country. He claims that it will change the world and allow anyone in the Canada to passively earn $100,000 a year with cryptocurrencies and become financially independent in no time

  • “We are ready to share our new Tesler platform for Canada residents!Access in Canada is open to everyone! We have been working on this project for over a year and now we are ready to show it!” Musk said.

Why only for people from Canada?

With this question, visibly disturbed people in France, the UK and Poland pounced on Musk and got an answer from him.

Musk announced that a limited number of places would be available for all participants to ensure a high and stable income, and that it was decided to create this opportunity specifically for people from Canada. It should be remembered that Tesler was founded in the Canada and it is thanks to our people.

In the second phase, 140,000 seats will be available for new contributors. The first testing phase of the platform, which lasted from February 11, 2022 – March 10 this year for 5,000 people, was successful, and Tesler is now ready to open access to everyone.

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Based on this data, the company claims that this type of income is passive and does not require active participation from the depositor.

You can see how the platform works in the video on the official website below!

Benefits of Tesler’s unique development:

1. Accessible to everyone. Every citizen of Canada can become a member of the platform. You have to go through a simple registration and get a confirmation from a specialist after his call.

2. 0% tax. All income is available to the investor and is tax free! Other investors pay 25% on all income from dividends, interest and investment funds.

3. Easy. Tesler platform is simple and intuitive – even without any Bitcoin trading knowledge you can learn and start earning in less than 10 minutes.

4. Convenience. The algorithm will do everything for you – you do not have to help it or perform any actions instead of it.The Tesler system investment platform will earn for you.

5. No risk. 94% of trades end up in your favour, which means you will make profit on almost all trades.

6. Reliability. The platform is public and government backed, so there is no risk to any of the participants.

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The surprises of Tesler do not end there.An important addition was made by Musk regarding 0% tax at source. You don’t pay a cent to the government because all the money is converted into cryptocurrencies, which are known to be tax-free! You don’t even need a cryptocurrency wallet, you get the whole amount on your bank card, and it’s totally official!

The company has also taken care of low-income citizens by lowering the minimum deposit to just $250, giving everyone the opportunity to become a micro-investor! This is because 70% of Canada families spend exactly $250 a week on unnecessary things, and if you do without them for a week, you can multiply this amount nine times in the first month!

To become a member of the Tesler platform, you only need to follow a few steps:

1. Follow this link to the official Tesler platform website.

2.Register on the website by carefully and correctly filling in all the fields of the form.

3. Wait for a call from the platform manager on your mobile number and confirm your registration.

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4. Choose the desired investment amount and receive your first payment the same evening.