How Can You Fulfill the Admission Criteria of Sidney Kimmel Medical College?

Sidney Kimmel Medical College is popularly known as Jefferson Medical College. This school is a private medical school. It is situated at 4201 Henry Ave, Philadelphia, United States.

Hence this medical school is known for its superior delivery of educational services where it is offering around 13,000 medical degrees in both the categories of graduate or undergraduate level. Plus it is also offering more than 1,000 joint degree programs as well. In short, this school is having a wide level of top-notch reputation for letting the student build a strong career in the field of medicine and health sciences.

Main Considerations for Selection at Sidney Kimmel Medical School

Every single year, the admission committee put forward the selection of around 270 students out of thousands of applications. Few major factors based on which the admission criteria will be covered are:

  • The college which you attended
  • Academic previous record
  • Recommendation letters
  • MCAT test scores
  • Non-academic performance
  • Outdoor experiences
  • Community working
  • Activities in the medical field

Some additional factors are motivation assessment, the potential of leadership, humanitarian concerns, dedication, commitment, communication ability, intellect skills, and integrity level.  As we talk about the 2018 class session, it was based on ten various undergraduate schools as well as two states and almost six different countries.

Profile of any matriculated student is based on:

  • The average GPA is 3.71
  • MCAT score has to be 128
  • The age limit should be between 20-42, and the average age limit has to be 23
  • 50% are female, and 28% are based on non-white ethnic groups
  • Plus 9% of the students belong to the groups who are underrepresented in the field of medicine

How will Interview be conducted?

The admission committee will interview every single applicant in which the applicant must make an appearance. Every year there are around 800 applicants whose Interview is put into the schedule timeline. This Interview plays an important role to let the admission committee know how much a student is passionate about acquiring that program and whether they stood successful on that requirement or not.

The main purposes of an interview are:

  • Information given away by any applicant is clarified and completely verified.
  • The applicant will get an opportunity where they can display their extraordinary aspects within the application.
  • The applicant will become extra familiar with a medical school.
  • Assessment of personal qualities will be carried out

Application Procedure

Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) will perform the whole process of application through the centre of the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). All those candidates who are submitting their applications for the programs of PhD and MD will be submitting their applications through an online system to AMCAS.

Applicant should mention the correct email address on the application form where the student will be informed about all the latest updates of the application process. Make the email adjustments and stay consistent.

Taking admission in this medical school is extremely competitive. Each year, the admission committee selects around 270 students out of the 11,000 applications. If you want to know whether you will successfully pass through the admission process, make sure that you evaluate yourself through all the admission requirements one by one.

All the prospective students have to complete the application within the AMCAS online system. AMCAS will precede the process later on and will forward all the applications to the management team of the medical school. Students who will be shortlisted for the Interview will be informed about it through the email confirmation letter.

After the acceptance of the primary application, the candidate has to apply for the secondary application about which the candidate will be instructed through email.  The application fee will be $80, which is non-refundable along with the attachment of the MCAT score document.  You also have to send your recommendation letters directly to the AMCAS.

Recommendation letters have to be from the pre-professional committee. If the pre-professional committee does not exist, then the letters will be from the individual faculty members by the subjects of Biology, or Chemistry, as well as Physics and Humanities in case it is possible.

All those applicants who are applying for the graduate programs, also have to provide the additional letters right through their previous graduate schools.

Scholarships by Jefferson Medical School

Jefferson is also offering its students full scholarships where it will play an important role to let the students cover all their basic needs in the medical field. Scholarships are given based on financial need and for the merit criteria.

The amount of the scholarship is renewed over the four years at the time of awardee successfully progressing towards the next level of academics. This major program has been all supported by the side of the college operational funds as well as SKMC endowments.

This medical school offers the scholarship with the aim where they plan to cover all the financial and basic needs of the students who are unable to continue their studies.

What is the cost of studying at Jefferson Medical College for Per Year?

Making your way into the Thomas Jefferson Medical School is yet not very cheap. For any first-year student, the minimum expenses for the whole academic year will be around $83,354. They do reset their tuition fee on an annual basis.

As for the academic year of 2020-2021, the overall comprehensive fee is around $60,021. This whole fee will cover the tuition as well as other fees which is also including library or technology fees.

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