Siding Installation Mistakes

When replacing the siding on your home, you want to be sure it is completed properly to prevent future costly repairs. Here are some typical mistakes:

Omitting the foam insulation or paper wrapping

Your walls are supposed to be shielded from moisture with paper wrap. It’s important to make sure the area is dry before installing siding. All windows and doors need to have an additional layer of flashing tape to prevent leaks from damage. Another barrier for your house is foam insulation installed beneath the siding. This barrier avoids seam problems, dampens noise, and protects your property from harm.

Low-cost, subpar siding

Don’t agree for inexpensive siding. Siding is susceptible to cracking, sagging, and fading quickly. Spend a little more money on siding that is of higher quality and will last longer.

Incorrect nailing

The way siding is nailed is a prevalent problem. Siding stretches and shrinks in response to temperature changes. Too many nails will impede the siding’s ability to move, causing it to eventually bend or split. On the other hand, if the nailing is too loose, it will begin to droop as summertime temperatures rise. The distance between the siding and the nail heads should be 1/32 inches. After the siding is done, the nail heads shouldn’t be visible either.

Unsuitable Clearance

Your siding shouldn’t contact the roof, trim, or ground to prevent moisture from being trapped. Mold and rotting issues will develop if moisture becomes trapped behind the siding. Your siding will eventually be destroyed by this.

Siding Overlap

There should be a 1″ to 1 14″ overlap of the siding pieces ends. More overlap will result in a wave-like look, since you are restricting mobility as it spreads. When replacing your siding, we recommend working with a qualified expert to prevent any blunders. 

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