Sidewalk Repair NYC – Sidewalk Dismissal Inspection Checklist by Experts

NYC has always maintained a standard for sidewalks to be easy for pedestrians and gives a uniform appearance to the buildings. Therefore, the sidewalks adjoining the commercial areas do not require repair often; only when 50% of the sidewalk is damaged and requires immediate attention, only pigmented concrete is used. However, it is not a hard and fast rule to not choose pigment if the sidewalk repair NYC work is below 50%. It mainly depends on the owners’ choice, and they can always choose what is best.

If you want to work with material other than standard concrete, it is always better to do thorough research about it and read various reviews about it. Also, it better to seek advice from an expert about the material that is best suited for that particular repair and location.

NYC DOT sidewalk repair program

The department of Transport (DOT) has a program of swift repair work where the city will fix any kind of damage on the sidewalk on your behalf, and the bill will be issued in your name. The property owner will be charged at premium rates. If DOT does the repair work, then there is no need for inspection later on. There are a few exceptions to expedited repair that are:

  • Properties within community boards where contractors are currently performing work
  • Properties that are scheduled for capital reconstruction
  • Commercial properties
  • Properties with four or more residential units
  • Properties with vaulted sidewalks
  • Properties with distinctive sidewalk treatments

Sidewalk dismissal inspection checklist

Given below is a checklist that will help you ensure that you have covered all the points

  • Obtain sidewalk permit
  • Removal of sidewalk defects
  • Installation of expansion joints that are sealed and leveled with the sidewalk. Few technicalities that must be followed when it comes to expansion joints are given:
    • At a minimum of every 20 linear feet
    • At each property line
    • Where the curb meets the sidewalk
    • Expansion joints shall be placed between the concrete of different thicknesses
  • Install warning signs throughout repair work.
  • The entire sidewalk should be visible for the dismissal inspection
  • The dismissal inspection has been scheduled by calling and provide the following information
    • Permit number
    • Property Address
    • Block and Lot
    • Notice of Violation number
    • Email address/Contact information

Reliable sidewalk repair service in NYC

In order to do the work with complete perfection, a detailed evaluation of the site as well as other factors is essential. Some of the factors are stated below:

  • Extent of damage

Sidewalks can be damaged relativelyquickly because of weather conditions and constant use. Early detection leads to early repair. If you see a few cracks appearing, then it is always better to repair it there and then as it will be easy and also the expenses will be low—more significant the damage, more the expense.

  • Material used

We make sure to use a material that is durable, affordable, and is A-quality. Our expert sidewalk repair NYC teams opt for epoxy fillers after cleaning the crack if there is only a tiny crack. If the damage done is on a greater area, we remove the entire damaged part, wash it and then fill it using stone or bricks or whatever is suitable.

  • Resurfacing

Resurfacing the area might be necessary for some places, although it costs a little extra but extends the surface’s life and protects it from cracking.  If you are in need of a professional concrete repair company in NYC, contact us for estimates and details and get your job done on time. Our team of experts has vast knowledge about what is needed at what place and does the job in the right way for you.