Sidewalk Concrete Repair – Sidewalk Violation Comprises of Numerous Perspectives

The sidewalk violation notice is issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The residents or property owners who are issued such notice have 75 days to repair their sidewalk or seek help from contractors like us who will do the repair job. Our expert sidewalk concrete repair aids you in repairing, replacement, and installation of the sidewalk repair NYC. Sidewalk violation can be issued due to numerous reasons such as:

Cracked Surface of Sidewalk

Cracked or opened top surfaces of a sidewalk in a danger for the pedestrians. One wrong step can make them trip hence leading to an injury. There are several reasons for a cracked surface such as a piece of heavy machinery placed for a long period of time, tree roots or other similar plant growth, or an accident. Cracked surfaces can easily be repaired by replacing blocks or filling up cracks using the best quality material.

Succumbed Slabs

Portions of the sidewalk get damaged due to excessive use of low-quality material used while constructing it. This can lead to sidewalk weakening and eventually collapsing which can lead to a major unfortunate incident. If you spot such slabs on your property, get in touch with us and we’ll replace the slabs swiftly.

Bumpy Tile Composition

A bumpy tile composition is a result when the sidewalk pieces are not arranged technically. At times the tips are exposed and are a tripping hazard for people on foot. These unbalanced and bumpy tiles can result in accidents and injuries. Get in touch with our experts who will make the bumpy sidewalk smooth again and safe to use.

Element Channels and Drainpipe Camouflages Revealed

Several channels of drains and trench scuttles are part of the sidewalk underneath it. If they somehow extend slightly up from the cover, they can be a source of serious injury.

Shrub, Tree, Roots, or Plants Growth

At times as the trees grow and expand their roots in the ground, they can lead to cracks in the upper surface of the concrete. If the roots get strong over time they can lead to the crumbling of concrete. Excessive growth is a sign of destruction as it is hard to fight against nature. Similarly, if there is any other wild growth on the sidewalk make sure to remove it before it spreads and damages the sidewalk.

How to restore the Sidewalk Back to Normal?

If you receive a sidewalk violation notice, you can seek help from the Department of Transportation to help you in restoring the sidewalk. Once the repair is done, you have to pay the bill that is issued by the department.

In case you want to take authority into your hands and want to get it done on your own, you can choose an approved and certified sidewalk contractor who will do a top-quality job but at extremely affordable rates. The sidewalk contractors are experts in what they do and know how to do the repair work in order to get rid of the violation. Once the task is completed, you can request a re-evaluation from the department after getting services from sidewalk violation removal NYC and get the notice officially removed. We not just help in repairing the sidewalk but also help in the maintenance process as well. Call us now!