Should Your Business Worry About Dedicated Workers?

Today’s businesses face an ever-competitive environment. The continuous globalization, rapid digitization of business and adoption of ecommerce, and the changing IT landscape pose major challenges to businesses.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses rely on expert IT professionals to develop and implement effective tech strategies and innovative IT solutions. Web and mobile solutions are vital in ensuring consumer engagement, cutting operational costs, boosting revenue, and gaining a competitive advantage. The .NET development framework provides valuable and proven solutions for developing flexible business applications within budget and time.

Developed by Microsoft in 2002, the .NET framework has remained the most ideal and preferred development language even to this day. Businesses prefer .NET due to its versatility in creating a wide range of web apps. It also offers a dependable, scalable, and open-source environment for building powerful business applications. It is estimated that around 9 million live websites are built on ASP.NET architecture and the fourth most used web frameworks among developers worldwide.

Why Do Businesses Hire Dedicated .NET Developers?

Considering the various benefits of the .NET framework, businesses hire dedicated .NET developers as an essential part of their workforce. Developers make a huge difference in ensuring organizational efficiency and competitiveness. More and more businesses are now recruiting developers to boost their talent, whether as on-site or remote staff.

Hiring dedicated .NET developers benefits businesses in many ways such as cost-effectiveness, access to highly qualified and experienced professionals with better skills, timely project completion, and the use of the most advanced technologies and digital infrastructure. These are crucial in developing quality business apps.

The Shortage in .NET Developers

As the demand for developers increases, many businesses are worried about staff attrition, particularly with their IT team. Businesses that have yet to hire dedicated .NET workers are facing an even tougher challenge recruiting qualified developers. It’s a tough act hiring experienced developers most cost-effectively.

The latest US labor statistics show a talent shortage with businesses. An estimated 40 million workers are needed by 2020 and this shortage is expected to balloon to 85.2 million by 2030. The global technology and market trends are the main drivers for this rising shortage of IT professionals. About 8 out of 10 companies are facing a software developer shortage or expecting to experience it in a few years.

The Challenge of Maintaining App Developers

With these realities, it is reasonable for many businesses to worry about their dedicated workers, whether in-house or remote. If you already have .NET developers maintaining them and keeping them within your workforce is crucial. Like any other workers, IT professionals are always looking for career growth. This makes it important to provide them opportunities to grow professionally. Offering continuous training and pathways for career advancement can help keep them interested. Additionally, fostering a great company culture and environment can prevent them from leaving your team.

It’s an enormous challenge for businesses that depend on an in-house IT team to maintain their experienced developers. As the competition for credentialed IT professionals toughens, reducing staff attrition has become more pressing. You can’t blame developers for seeking better career opportunities, especially with the varying differences in compensation. In most cases, businesses with organic, on-site IT teams might find it very costly to maintain their manpower through the conventional employment arrangement.

Fortunately, there are now virtual staffing companies where you can hire dedicated .NET developers cost-effectively. These global IT professionals are located worldwide and provide a cost-effective option. Through these virtual teams, clients can easily have access to a pool of high-caliber tech talents. Instead of going through the tedious process of vetting applicants, the virtual staffing agency conducts the screening process, filtering talent with the right qualifications and experiences. With this, you can easily find a developer who is a good fit for your team.

Furthermore, virtual staffing agencies enable you to hire long-term or short-term .NET developers depending on your needs. Since remote teams offer flexible pricing models, either hourly- or project-based, this can be a cost-effective approach to app development. But most importantly, for your apps to have the maximum impact, you want to entrust the project only to experienced developers. A virtual staffing agency can provide you with proficient and skilled programmers to suit your project’s specific requirements.

With the help of remote developer staffing agencies, businesses are assured that they have access to a pool of dedicated workers.