Should you use conditioner on curly hair?


Hair fall, dandruff and dryness concerns rank the topmost amongst the curly hair care issues. Hair health is critical for the complex hair styling procedures. A lapse in hair condition regarding split ends, roughness and thinning would deliver worsening of hair styles and overall appearance. The use of shampoos to counter these problems is always the norm, but for these conditions, the hair conditioner can help. To decide when to use hair conditioner for the improvement of hair strands, forms the crucial point in hair maintenance.

For individual hair types, that differ in their properties; the customised shampoos and conditioners is what is needed, for better results. The proportion of cleansing and moisturizing agents in these products must be checked before going for them. This decides the response from your hair type, and saves it from adverse effects of using the unsuitable hair care product.

What are Hair Conditioners?

The hair conditioner is overshadowed by the recommendation of shampoos as the first step of cleansing the hair strands or  the scalp. But, it is very helpful for certain types of hair kinds. It is a moisturizing product that relieves the hair from dryness, rough ends, entanglement etc. 

For better absorption of the nutrients and moisture supplied by the Conditioners, it is required to be left on the hair after application, for at least a couple of minutes.

The hair conditioner contains

1) Emollients – are smoothening agents for low porosity hair, hair ends, frial hair strands. Shea butter and different types of oil such as argan oil, olive oil etc serve the purpose of emollients in the conditioners.

2) Mineral oils are the essential oils for hair nourishment and hair follicles.

3) Silicones are cleansing agents that are active molecules, to dissolve the dirt and sebum accumulated in the hair strands and scalp.

4) Mild fragrance for soothing your mind and scenting your hair strands. They are not as sharp and pungent fragrances of the shampoos. The conditioner as a whole goes easy on your hair, even in the case of its fragrance when compared to the tough action of shampoos. The oily hair types benefit more from regular shampooing. 

Thus, depending on the hair type, you can decide when to use hair conditioners. The curly hair could make the best out of it on regular conditioning. The spritz or spray enabled conditioners do not require a tight schedule to use them. Use them when you feel your hair needs more shine, smoothness and manageability.

So, all these components combine to give your hair a perfect cleansing, as well as a health restoring treatment. 

What it means for Curly Hair Types?

The Conditioners are a must for the curly and coily hair types. As compared to the straight hair types, the curly ones need more moisturizing to get the dryness away. And additionally, to preserve the bounce or bangs as such. The curly hair hair after shampooing must be squeezed gently to let out the excess water in them. 

Then, the conditioner must be taken on the plams, and applied from the head to the tips of the hair in a single sweep. Do the same motion for sometime. Later wash it away with water. It’s hydrating creamy formula revives the curls from brittleness and thinning. Going for keratin based Conditioners renders the curls heavy, bouncy and strong.

Types of Hair Conditioners

The conditiner has grown from being just a moisturizing lotion, to that of a full-fledged product that can serve different purposes alone with regard to the complete hair care routine. Curly hair could benefit from these types of hair conditioners, rather than relying on the traditional practice of trusting the shampoos for cleansing. You can definitely go for shampoos at times, but why go for two steps when you got it in just one type of conditioner.

  1. The usual, moisturizing conditioners after the action of shampoo.
  1. The conditioners which are not washed away like the previous one. These are left in the hair strands after application. Apply and forget ones.
  1. Conditioners that are sprayed onto the hair just like the hair sprays. Sprayable Conditioners.

Certain Conditioners are enough to substitute the role of regular shampoos. These have cleansing agents along with the blend of moisturizer emollients. This is ideal for curly hair, because of their delicate nature as at times, the conditioning is more suitable, as compared to shampooing for them. That occurs as regular shampooing harms the curly hair beyond limits.

The conditioners can be used whenever the hair feels to be rough and thin. It need not be lined after the shampoos for great hair constitution and for fabulous styling.