Should You Start a Landscape Business?

One of the favorite businesses for new entrepreneurs to start is a landscape business. Landscaping income can be lucrative so this type of business is alluring to many.

Whether you are looking for a side business or a full-time venture, you may wish to start a landscape business.

But is this the type of business for you? What are the pros and cons of a landscape business?

This guide will show you what to know to start a landscape business. You can use it to decide if this is the type of business for you to start.

Cost of Equipment

You want to first consider the cost of the equipment needed. A landscape business can focus on something as simple as mowing lawns. As such, investing in 1 or 2 lawn mowers is sufficient.

But what if there’s a demand to cut down trees or tree branches? You’ll have to invest in a few chainsaws. You might also need a few ladders to reach high branches. The amount of equipment you’ll need depends on the services you offer.

To keep it simple, you can offer a limited number of services. But keep in mind that you’ll still compete with larger landscape businesses. If you wish to landscape as a side business, this won’t affect you. But for a full-time venture, expect to shell out a few thousand dollars for equipment.


Most of us have no problem with mowing lawns.

But do you want to expand to more complex services? You want to consider if you can help with planting trees or flowers. Do you want to remove grass and replace it with turfgrass?

If you offer a diverse array of services, you have to spend time learning about them. As discussed in the previous tip, you’ll also have to buy and learn about different equipment.

You’ll also have to learn about mulch, fertilizer, and different types of soil! You’ll have to know how to advise your clients on when they can plant their garden.

Cost of Labor

Many younger entrepreneurs start a landscape business as a side business. They will spend hours doing simple tasks such as mowing lawns. They’ll keep all the money for themselves but might only get to work with a few clients.

But, if you hire staff you have to make sure you pay them well. You’ll have to make sure that what you charge clients can pay for labor costs and turn a profit for the company.

You want to consider outsourcing certain business responsibilities. You should look into a service such as for managing the finances of your landscape business.

Are you willing to hire labor to save time and scale your business? Or, do you prefer to keep your business small but keep all profits for yourself?

Start a Landscape Business Today

Now you know the main factors needed to start a landscape business. Weigh the pros and cons of each of these to decide if a landscape business is for you.

This type of business has a low barrier to entry and landscape income can be lucrative. Give it a try and see where it goes from there!

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