Should You Rent Car In Las Vegas?

Planning a trip to Vegas, you have to think over everything, big and small. First of all, try to decide if you need to rent a car or not. Actually, this decision will never be problematic. Think it over just once you’ve planned some of the parts of your vacation. For example, by having a list of activities you are going to visit, you can clearly see whether you need to rent a car or not.

So, deciding if you should rent an auto in Sin City, consider these 2 things:

This is the way how you can decide if car rental help is needed. Knowing in advance your hotel location, map of the desired activities, sights you want to visit, you can solve the problem of transportation in one click. How much is it? Of course, the car rental price much depends on your choice.

The car brand, model, car rental location – everything weight with your final decision. Besides, consider your age and previous rental experience if you have any. Don’t forget about your age! You will be charged with a so-called age fee for young and aged drivers. But don’t worry, there are tons of opportunities to rent a car for the best price with the lowest fee. Go online and find agencies that offer under 25 car rental in Las Vegas.

Things to consider when renting an auto

Hotel location

Remember, first, you find a hotel, and then rent a car. Deciding where you live in Vegas means much. It is important to know if the hotel hasfree parking for guests and visitors. Also, it would be useful to find out the hotel location, popular activities around, and the routeyou will follow to get from the airport to your living place.

Planned activities

Las Vegas is called a Sin City. Planning your trip, you should know that Vegas is a city of resorts, bright casinos, luxury boutiques, and the most famous place –the Vegas Strip. Walking the Strip can be fun, but you definitely need transport to get there. Vegas offers many more activities and you have to get there somehow. How about visiting Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire? You need a car to get to the nearby Ghost Towns and Spring Mountain. Taxis and Uber will ruin your budget.

Pluses&Minusesof Renting Car in Vegas

Driving in Las Vegas is easy. You don’t need special rules except for reading the road signs. So, if you still have doubts about renting a car or not, read these pluses and minuses of riding an auto in Vegas.


Traveling by car gives you maximum comfort and freedom. Even using a cheaper Uber, you are not free to follow the travel route in your own way.

You are free because you can drive and visit as many places as you want. Do you see anything interesting? Feel free to stop the car and enjoy the moment.

You travel in privacyas drive your own, if only a rental, car. You can share your car space with everyone you want and like to. Taxis and Uber can’t give you privacy.

You can travel outside the city! Of course, Las Vegas has much to offer for every guest. Nevertheless, when you feel bored of visiting casinos and shops, drive away from the city and discover many more interesting places in the surrounding area.


You may have difficulties with parking. It’s not that you can’t find a parking place for your car, it’s rather you’ll find the parking rates too high, especially in the center of the city.

Traffic can ruin your plans. Driving in Vegas can be really confusing, especially inhot tourist areas. Avoid driving on the Strip when possible, or just leave some extra time.

You meet drunk drivers because Las Vegas is known as Sin City for a definite reason. Casinos and bars offer cheap alcohol to attract more visitors. So, planning to visit a bar, it is better to leave your car at the parking.

Should you rent a car in Las Vegas or not? Actually, the prices for rental cars are attractive as never before. Of course, much depends on your location, planned activities, rental time. They say it is better to rent a car beforehand to get the cheapest price. You may check it out.