Should You Really Flush Disposable Wipes

In the present, due to the lack of toilet paper, many are opting for a different way, such as flushable wipes. They’re exactly like disposable wipes except that they declare that they are a septic method “safe” or “friendly” and suitable for flushing as opposed to normal wipes. However, now the question is are they ideal in your septic system? Are they flushable?

Can flushable wipes be truly flushable?

Disposable wipes aren’t flushable. However, even if they be able to pass through the curved portion of your toilet, they’re more likely to end up caught in drain pipes or get accumulated in time, leading to an obstruction in the drain.

The issue with flushable wipes lies in the fact that even though they do flush into the drain, but they do not break down. When the toilet paper gets wet, the paper breaks down rapidly. This is due to the fact that this paper has been created to disintegrate so that it does not block the drain. They don’t disintegrate when wet. They actually hold more tightly than toilet paper.

So, they won’t be able to break apart in the absence of enough water to move their way through the pipe, and it will block in the drain line. They can also cause septic tanks to pump frequently and could stop pipes from flowing. They also can cause backups inside the sewer system, which can cause floods in the home. They could even ignite the sewer pump.

Even if the wipes are able to pass into your pipes for sewerage, they get to the sewage treatment facilities and could create massive clogs within the pumps of the plant. The process then could result in massive damage to a city’s sewer system in general, which can cause backups and blockages, which could impact several homes or water shortages within an entire region.

The larger picture

Researchers from Canada conducted an investigation that tested 23 types of flushable wiping wipes. They constructed a model of a septic system for homes and then flushed all of the wipes. The wipes did not break down enough to allow them to pass through the system without blocking it or causing damage.

In addition, utility workers all over the world remove tons of waste that have clogged sewers each year. A large portion of this is flushable wipes that did not dissolve as they should. However, flushable wipes may seem like an excellent idea, but in the end, they could cause millions of dollars of damage to the septic systems of homes and the public.

Should you or not utilize wipes with flushable capabilities?

It is okay to utilize flush wipes if you’re in a crunch and don’t have other alternatives or to perform a quick cleanup. But they should not be flushed into the drain. All that can be flushed are toilet paper and human waste. Although their convenience in flushing wipes is attractive, they’re not what they’re advertised to be. If you are forced to make use of flushable wipes, throw them in the trash bin instead of flushing them because flushing disposable wipes is really a bad idea

Can you flush disinfecting wipes?

EPA encourages Americans to just flush the toilet. Disinfecting wipes and other items must be appropriately disposed of in the trash and not in the toilet. These items and wipes are not broken down by sewers or septic systems. They could damage your home’s interior plumbing and local wastewater collection systems.