Should You Invite Kids to Your Wedding?

Deciding whether to have kids at your wedding is a big deal. A quick search on the internet will show you lots of points in favor of both. Kids have a brand of humor that they add to the day. They could also be a bit restrictive at your celebration.

With formal weddings, it could be a bit impractical to have children around. Especially if you’re having your wedding on a weeknight which could interfere with their bedtime. But what happens if you want to have a ring bearer, flower girls and the likes at your wedding.

Well, for starters, you could limit the children’s invites to only those and explain to your other guests. In which case you should do so before your wedding to avoid any misunderstandings. In the end, it really comes down to a personal choice. Do you want kids at your wedding or not?

Whatever you do decide, you must do so early. In fact, you must make your mind up before you send out the invites to your wedding. This is so that you can specify in your invites if you have restrictions like age groups and the likes. Just remember to ask parents to RSVP with how many children are coming and how old they are if you’re having a child-friendly wedding.

We talk about invites and more in the following paragraphs, highlighting what to do if you want to invite kids to your wedding. So, what do you do if you have invited children to your wedding? How do you keep them away from trouble and keep them fully entertained too? Continue reading to find out more.

Include It in Your Invites

Be specific about the fact that your guests are allowed to come with their kids. Parents usually want to know as soon as possible, so be sure to include a note specifically saying so alongside your invitations. If you have an age minimum, it’s okay to kindly ask parents not to bring babies or toddlers, you should include that as well.

Plan Especially for Them      

Plan a special space, just for them. It will make the little ones feel extremely special and it will allow them to have fun without feeling too inhibited by the large number of strangers at your Big Day. Furthermore, it can be an easy “escape” plan for your wedding décor too. Planning a special area with a starry ceiling projector for the youngest guests can be beautifully incorporated into the overall décor, theme, and vibe of Big Day.

Practice with Your Wedding Party Kids

If you are including kids in your wedding party in positions like flower girls or ring bearers, make sure to practice what they should do at the ceremony with them more than once. You do not want them getting out of order and messing things up. Treat it as if you are giving them extra responsibility so that they feel important and take it seriously.

Give the Kids Their Own Space

This will help to keep them occupied and avoid cranky, crying kids. Get a side room to use as a quiet space, wedding uplighting rental, and if you can afford it, hire a nanny or two to give the parents a welcome break. You can also hand out goody bags with snacks and toys to keep them occupied. Puzzles, coloring books, books, and games for kids are also great ideas.

Hire a Pro

Want to make sure the little ones are safe? Hire a sitter to monitor them. Also, if you want to spice up the kids’ entertainment, you can hire a special entertainer just for them (such as a magician, for example).

Include Kid Meals

While talking to your caterer, inform them that your wedding ceremony will be kid-friendly, so you will need some options for kids. A kid-friendly wedding menu can include favorites like hot dogs or Mac and cheese. Just make sure that you first check with parents about any food allergies. Soft drinks and juices should also be in your options.

Offer Them Lots of Options

Different children like different things – so if you are not very close to the kids at your wedding, and don’t know exactly what they enjoy doing, provide them with multiple options. From board games to non-stainable art supplies, masks, costumes, and even single-use cameras, there’s a myriad of activities children will definitely enjoy!

Having kids be a part of your wedding can be fun and enjoyable if you plan for it adequately. Their parents will also be thankful for a chance to enjoy your wedding with their entire family. So, what do you think? Will you be inviting children to your wedding?