Should You Choose a Re-Roof or Roof Over Existing Roof?

When your home needs a new roof installed it can be quite costly. In fact, a new roof on most homes can cost several thousand dollars. And that’s the average cost of a roof. Throw in a few extras and the price goes up even more. There are ways you can save on a new roof however and one of those ways is to get a re-roof or roof over existing roof on your home. 

So What is a Roof Over?

When you get a new roof installed many times the roofer that will install the roof will ask you about your old roof and removing it. In some cases you may not require that the old roof is removed. Instead, a new roof can be placed directly on top of the old roof. This process is known as a re-roof or roof over.

As you can imagine when you get a roof installed on your home this way it can cut down on costs. You can save money on the cost of removing the old roof. You can also save money on the cost of debris removal which is your old roof that was installed. So why don’t more people want to install a roof like this?

There is a Problem with This Method

The biggest problem with a re-roofed or roof over home is that problems that are present on the roof aren’t being addressed. Your roof may have hidden problems that are simply covered by the old roof when the new roof is placed over it. This can lead to problems in just a short time causing you to need an entirely new roof much sooner. 

Most roofers will know what problems to look for during this type of installation however. They may go into your attic looking for problems as well. You’ll need to make sure you use a fully qualified roofing contractor to make the roof installation however in order for this method to be worth it. 

You May Not Be Able to Re-Roof Your Home

Another big problem when it comes to re-roofing is weight. For most areas in the United States the maximum amount of roof shingle layers is 2. The problem with adding more layers than that is weight. Adding too much weight to the roof can cause all sorts of problems and some of those problems may be structural which can be dangerous. 

If you’re considering re-roofing your home and it already has two layers of shingles installed, then a re-roof may not even be an option for you. Call a qualified roofer to determine if you’re home is eligible for this type of roofing shingle installation. 

It Can Save Money

As I mentioned above, when you get a re-roof done on your home it can cut out a lot of labor for removing the old roof. It can also eliminate the need for debris removal as well and even some of the roofing components aren’t needed. All of these items can end up saving money on the roof installation for your home. It’s always best however to talk with a qualified roofing contractor about your home and see what options are available to you. Many will also offer free quotes on a new roof installation.