Should New Homeowners Purchase A Home Warranty Plan?

Purchasing a new home is a great milestone, and you want to make sure you get it right. Your new home might have a few problems, which you might discover after the purchase. You can protect your home with a warranty

New homeowners should purchase a home warranty plan because electrical, plumbing, or HVAC problems may only become evident when using the systems. A home warranty is also handy because it covers the repair of major home appliances, especially if they come with the house. 

In some cases, the home warranty is covered by the sellers of the home. A sign of commitment that if anything has hidden faults, the new owners will not be stuck with huge repair bills. If you are a new homeowner, this article will illustrate why you should get a home warranty plan. 

Should Buyers Request A Home Warranty From The Sellers?

Before closing a deal on the sale of a house, you need to consider the possibility that something could go wrong. Even when the inspector gave the house a clean bill and encouraged you to buy it, the system may fail. 

When buying a property, you should ask the seller to include a home warranty whenever possible. This will save you the stress and unexpected expenses when you discover a fault in the plumbing system or when the washing machine stops working

Homes that come with a home warranty are more attractive to buyers and help increase the likelihood of a sale. As a new homeowner, you have many other expenses to worry about. You don’t want to be stuck with repair costs before you even get over the excitement of owning a home. 

What Home Warranty Plans Cover. 

When requesting a home warranty, you need to make sure it is as comprehensive as possible. Home warranties cover major systems in the home, such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, water heater, and appliances that come with the house. 

Before signing the dotted line during the purchase, ask what the home warranty plan covers. You don’t want to discover later that the plan only covers home appliances when your air conditioning stops working. 

This video gives guidance on what your home warranty covers. 

Who Purchases The Home Warranty – The Buyer or The Seller? 

As a new homeowner, you will need to decide if you prefer to buy the home warranty or you’d prefer the seller to buy one as insurance against hidden damages. 

The buyer or seller can buy a home warranty plan. When the seller includes a home warranty in the sale, it makes the property more attractive and easy to sell. Buyers can also buy the home warranty, especially if the seller doesn’t offer a home warranty or if the plan is basic. 

When going through the sale agreement, find out if the property comes with a home warranty. You can ask your agent if the seller can include it in the sale. However, if you want to make sure the plan is comprehensive, you can purchase the home warranty. 

Why Buyers Should Insist On A Home Warranty Plan.

If you are buying an old home, there is a possibility that you will start making repairs shortly after you move in. This is expected since the home systems are old, and they may not function as well. 

When the seller includes a home warranty in the sales agreement, you can be at ease knowing that if the heating, plumbing, or any appliances break down, you will not need to worry about the repair costs. 

Do Home Warranty Plans Cover All The Repair Costs?

Even though you have a home warranty, you may still be required to pay for some of the costs. You need to know what your home warranty plan says and your obligations should any home systems fail. 

Most home warranty plans have a limit on how much they cover. As a homeowner, you may be expected to pay the amount beyond the stipulated costs of repair. For example, if your home warranty covers the roof, the plan may only cover partial costs, so you will need to pay the difference. 

Since the home warranty plans are different, you should find out what it covers before any of the systems fail. This will help you plan better, and you will know what your obligations are if you need to use the home warranty. 


Home warranty plans are an asset that new homeowners should not overlook. There is no doubt, the benefits outweigh the costs, especially when you are not sure if the home systems are in excellent shape.