Should I Sell My Car or Ship It? Why Shipping Wins!

Change is inevitable and sooner than later, you will find the need to change your location. The time to move comes. This could be moving to a new neighborhood, in the same state, across states, or to another country. 

After you have packed all of your boxes, there is something else to think about – the car! Do you sell it and go buy a new one? 

Do you drive it, or do you find reliable vehicle transport and leave the car in the safe hands of professionals? 

From the monetary and sentimental angle, shipping your car makes sense. And to make this as smooth as possible, find a credible vehicle transport company to help you. 

But first, here are the main benefits of shipping your vehicle than selling it:

1. No need to buy a new car

This is the first, most obvious benefit of shipping your car when you are moving. Owing to the technical hitches that COVID-19 brought about, the resulting slowdown in vehicle manufacturing has pushed the prices up.

A car depreciates in value, and fast! If you choose to sell it instead of shipping it, be ready to accept a lower price. 

2. Safety is assured

The safety of your car and your family is assured when you ship the car rather than drive it over a long distance. 

Having the family locked up in the small, claustrophobic space for more than three days can make tempers start to flare.

It will start to get a little suffocating, not in a bad way since you are all family, but eventually, the fatigue and the stress of the lonely monotonous highways starts to get to you. 

And so you will be compelled to make detours to make the moments less tense. In return, your move will take longer than you had planned. 

If you drive while you are too tired, you could lose your concentration. All it takes is a split second to do a serious accident. 

If you have never driven long distance, please don’t. Let an auto shipping company handle this for you, as you fly, or take other public means of transport to your new destination. 

3. You are going to save money

When your car is in good shape, you just need to fuel it, and drive the car. But not just yet! Cost is not measured in money spent only. There is what is called the time value of money. 

But if you consider the math carefully, you will see the cost saving benefit of shipping a car

When you contract a company to transport your car to the new destination, the auto shipping company is going to charge you a flat fee. 

Irrespective of how long it takes to ship the car, it is on them. This is unlike when you drive your way to the new place. You have to pay the accommodation charges, car parking fees, and other monies along the way. 

4. Car is protected from damage

When you find a professional auto shipping company, they are going to ship your car safely. Your car will get to your destination in perfect shape, just the way it was at the old home. 

If anything happens while the car is in transit, it will be on the shipping company. Before hiring one, make sure they have insurance cover for such eventualities.

Leaving this important possession in capable hands gives you peace of mind and makes the move feel a lot easier. 

5. Saves you on the mileage and wear and tear

Long distance drives rack up the miles fast on the odometer, and this affects the resale value of your car. 

When looking to buy a used car, buyers will look at the mileage first. Then they will look at the general appearance and road worthiness of the car. The higher the mileage, the cheaper the price. 

Don’t forget the wear and tear that you will cause your car. Unless your car is new, adding more than 2000 miles to the mileage in one drive will wear out several things. You don’t want the garage to be the first place you visit when you get to your new home. 


Sometimes, shipping your car instead of selling it is not driven by monetary reasons. There are sentimental reasons to consider. A family heirloom of a car should not be sold. 

But even when thinking about it in monetary values, it makes sense to ship your car. You will pay a lower cost as compared to buying a new car. 

Besides, you leave everything in the hands of professional moving companies. Their driver will collect the car, take it to their yard, prep it for shipping, and they will give you proper timelines. 

Enjoy peace of mind, and you will need a lot of this because moving to a new destination is always so hectic.