Should I Invest in Gold and Silver?

Compared to most other investments, Gold and Silver have a high liquidity rate which means you can sell your commodities very quickly. Their high value makes them easy to convert into cash so if you’re in need of a quick sale then gold and silver is perfect for this. You’ll never lose money as generally speaking Gold and Silver only increases in value, even if you were to sell for the same price it’s not a loss. If you can weather the storm of a drop in value, then you’ll certainly reap the benefits of selling when the value is high.

Inflation Proof

Gold and Silver are not susceptible to inflation rates, therefore, whether a currency rate increase or decreases, both gold and silver are not liable to that uncertainty. Hard commodities such as gold and silver are renowned for performing well, even in times of economic downturn and uncertainty. The value of your commodity will not depreciate in time, if anything, they will only become more and more valuable or retain the very same value you bought them for. Over the last 12-18 throughout the Covid pandemic, countries have been investing in gold more and more for financial security.

High In Demand

It comes as no surprises that both gold and silver are high in demand in most industries. Their value is increasing and with less and less miners taking on large projects to mine gold and silver their value and demand is only increasing. Additionally, with trust in the banking systems declining, more and more investors are expanding their investment portfolios into the world of gold and silver. This is because of the uncertainty that comes along with online transactions such as investment transactions, savings, and so on.

Universal Value

Gold and silver are the same wherever you are in the world. This includes their value. A precious metal to the United Kingdom is a precious metal to Australia and China. Typically, you could make an investment in gold and silver here in the UK and move across the globe whilst retaining that very same investment, whether you chose to keep it on your person or keep it in a safe deposit box.

High Liquidity Rate

A huge benefit to gold and silver investment is their liquidity rate. Compared to other forms of investment both gold and silver are highly valued which makes them very easy to convert to cash form. Essentially, it doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world, you can convert your gold into cash. This also means you will receive the exact same value wherever you are. The value of gold and silver stays the same no matter what country you are in. This is what makes gold and silver investment so special. If you were to invest in property or the stock market anywhere in the globe, you are always at risk of financial hit depending on the economic climate of that country. 

How Do I Store My Gold?

Always take advice from a reputable gold bullion broker such as Sharps Pixley, and ultimately the decision is down to you and you only. Our personal recommendation is a safe deposit box. This means you have the security and insurance protection of storing your investment in a protected vault with security 24/7. A safe deposit box is an inexpensive way to provide you peace of mind that your expensive investment is always safe.


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