Should I Buy a Used PC? Things to Consider 

Once considered a luxury, a laptop is now a necessity for day-to-day functioning. However, a new computer can be pretty expensive, especially one with higher specs. Buying a used or refurbished PC can be an easier way to get what you need at an affordable price. 

Before you rush off to buy a used laptop, there are certain things you will need to consider. So, whether you are looking to get a laptop or find the best desktop computer, the following guide will help you know if a used machine is the option for you. 

First things first

In the search for a secondhand PC, you may have come across the terms ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’. These two terms are different, and we need to understand what each means as they can determine what kind of PC you get and how long it can last you. 

  • A used PC is a PC that has not been inspected to see if there are defaults and if there are, they have not been indicated. The device may come with apps and programs from the previous owner and no warranty. 
  • A refurbished PC is a PC that has been used, was returned to the manufacturer as faulty, and has been repaired by a certified refurbisher. A refurbished PC should work just as well as a new device. Most come with a warranty if it has not expired and has no previous data. 

What Should I Look For?

Once you decide whether you want a used or refurbished PC, there are key factors you can consider as you choose. 

PC age

A PC is like a car. The more it is used, the more its value depreciates. Furthermore, a PC will always show its age. It will become more sluggish, and you may be unable to upgrade its OS. If you see a computer that has been used for more than 3 years, do not buy it. You will have to replace it again sooner than you think.  

However, computer manufacturers are now making high-end PCs. A PC from 5 years ago can function as well as a new one. 

Battery Life

How long a PC has been used will also affect its battery life. You do not want to get a laptop that is basically a desktop and can only work when it is connected to charge. In fact, the battery is the top reason why most people sell their laptops. 

Before you buy a laptop, first check the battery to see if you can charge it and then if you can use it without a charger. If the battery cannot hold a charge for a while, do not buy it unless you are willing to replace it. The battery will only deteriorate from there.


If you are unsure about the PC’s age, check its specs to ensure you get value for your money. You should check the:

  • CPU. A PC’s processor is one of the most important components. A PC with an older processor may end up being too slow. Look at the labels to see which generation the processor belongs to. For both AMD and Intel processors, the higher the CPU, the faster it will be. Choose a CPU that can handle more than basic tasks.
  • Storage. Modern PCs come with solid-state drives (SDDs), which are faster, smaller, and quieter. In addition, look for storage that is at least 128 GB which should be enough storage.
  • RAM. The PCs RAM or random access memory affects how fast a PC retrieves data. All devices have RAM, and some have more than others. The more RAM the PC has, the faster it will be, and the inverse is true. The RAM you choose will depend on the programs you intend to use the PC for.  


The PC’s display is something usually overlooked when buying one, and if checked, only the screen size may come into play. However, you should look at the resolution, refresh rate, and image technology. The higher the resolution, the better, and it should not be less than 1080p. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image transitions. 


Ensure that the PC is completely wiped clean to avoid the transference of malware. The previous owner may not have known of the presence of malware, which can be used for keylog tracking or spy or software. 

If there is still any data in the PC, wipe it clean before using it.

In Summary

Other than being a gift to the environment, buying a used PC is a great way to get what you need at a fabulous price. However, when shopping for a used laptop or desktop PC, look for any signs of damage or missing parts, and all accessories are there.  

To be safe, go for PCs branded refurbished. This is because any faults have been repaired. Refurbished PCs also come with a warranty, meaning you can take one back if something happens. 

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