Should I buy a home on a corner lot?

When it comes to living in a corner house, a lot of people become very sceptical. It becomes difficult to decide whether one should buy a corner lot or not. But don’t worry because we have made a list of advantages and disadvantages of buying a corner lot for you. 

Here are some of the advantages of buying a corner house:

You might think that a corner house doesn’t have a good space but that’s not true. There are several benefits of buying a corner lot and some of them are listed below. 

  • Corner properties generally have more space for yards. Generally, the cost of these corner houses shoots up Because of the yard space. Kids can play around in the yard and you can even start your mini kitchen garden in your yard. 
  • You might not believe this bit corners lots experience better ventilation as well as sunlight. This is because corner houses are not covered by houses on all sides. Good ventilation and sunlight are very important for living a healthy life. Besides, more sunlight also means that the rooms in the house will look brighter. Good ventilation will keep your house free from odours and indoor pollutants.
  • With corner lots, you will also get the benefit of the parking lot. Because of this reason, corner lots are very popular, especially in big cities. These days big cities are facing the problem of lack of parking spots. This demand for corner lots makes sense. With parking space in the house you as well as your guests won’t have to think about parking their vehicle. 
  • According to landscapers, corner houses get more design options. Corner homes are very design-friendly. They will give you the freedom to design your house the way you want. Since the lot is not obstructed by any property there are many design options for corner houses. 
  • The last advantage on our list is that with the corner house you will get a full view of the street. You can enjoy the full view of the street. Besides, if there is a park in your area and is visible from the balcony it will increase the value of your property. 

Now that you know the bright side of buying a corner lot, let us move on to the disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of buying a corner lot:

  • Since corner houses come with yards, they have to be maintained regularly. You will require more landscaping which will cost you more. Besides, corner plots are more exposed and have higher visibility which means that you will have to take more care of your house. In addition to painting, the exterior part of your house will also cost you almost double when compared to non-corner houses. 
  • Corner houses often face the problem of noise pollution especially if you live in a busy street. Since the corner houses are more exposed they have to face the issue of blazing horns and various other sources of noise pollution. However, this is not a very big problem if you don’t live in a busy street. 
  • Corner houses often face the problem of foot traffic. In case your house is near the main street you might find people often standing in front of your door looking for taxis or cabs. This will hinder your privacy. In case your property is not near the busy street you might not face this issue. However, if there is a school, college or shops near your house then you will face this problem. 
  • Since corner houses are more exposed and visible they are at a higher risk of burglary. However, this largely depends on the location of your house. Since you can see two streets from a corner plot others will also be able to spot your house from two streets. However, you can reduce this risk by installing security cameras in the yard.

Final verdict 

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of the corner plot you can decide for yourself if you should buy one or not. Your decision should depend on what you want. If you want a yard or a parking spot then a corner plot is best for you. However, if you don’t want to spend on yard maintenance then you should drop the idea of getting a corner plot.