Shot Scope V3 Golf GPS Watch — Worth An Upgrade?

The Shot Scope V2 GPS watch was launched three years ago and was a very popular option, offering not only GPS but shock tracking functionalities. Although one of the top-rated golf GPS watches, the V2 needed a bit of a makeover as it was quite large and chunky on the wrist. That’s what Shot Scope did with their all-new V3 version. Shot Scope V3 golf GPS watch is significantly smaller, more compact, and feature-loaded product. Here’s what to expect from it-

When you take the watch out of the box, you get 16 tags included in the package. They’re all clearly labeled and allow you to track your shots seamlessly. So, what you have to do is screw the tags into the tops of all your grips. It does take a bit of time but once you’ve done that and paired your watch through the free Shot Scope app, it’s actually quite easy to do. To detect the course, you click the select button and instantly the yardages to the first hole appear. The color screen does help as increases the readability of the numbers. You can navigate through the different features using the four buttons in each corner.

If you want to see the upcoming hazards, click the top right and it will tell you the distances to reach and carry the hazards. For some golf fans, that’s a really important feature, which a lot of GPS distance watches lack. Other watches just give you one number and it can be unclear as to what that number is referring to. So, to have the distances to reach and carry really does help you understand which club you need to stay short of and which club you can hit to get over them. If you have a particularly bad shot, there is also an option to add a penalty shot.

Once you’re wearing the watch out on the course, you don’t really need to do anything manually because it will track the shots automatically. The only thing you do need to do is remember to hit the pin collect button when you’re getting the ball out of the hole and that essentially will mark the pin position on the green. When you’re going back to analyze your game, the watch automatically detects where the pin is and that gives you more up-to-date game information.

When you get home or in the clubhouse, you can sync the watch to your smartphone app and it’ll convert all the data onto your phone app. You can see a map of all the holes that you played and all the different shots. Improve not only your strategy but also your performance by targeting your weaknesses and knowing where you need to work. Get your hands on Shot Scope V3 golf GPS watch today!