Short Guide to SEO Link Building

If you are new to the world of SEO or have been running a site for quite some time now, you cannot afford to overlook on link building tactics. The link building and SEO landscape is constantly changing which is why you must invest in creating high-quality links. This post aims to help you boost your Google SERP rankings so that you can thrive online.

What Is Link Building?

Before we look at the tactics you can use, it is important that you know what link building actually is. In the simplest of words, it is a process through which hyperlinks from other sites linking to your own are acquired. If you do not know what a hyperlink is, it is a link that allows users to instantly reach the intended page by clicking on it. Links are used by search engines to crawl the web. By mastering the art of creating links, you can boost your SEO ranking and beat your competition in no time.

Tips To Improve SEO Link Building

  1. Directory Submission

One of the best SEO link building techniques that you can utilize is directory submission. It is commonly used. A directory is a type of website that is used for storing information related to businesses. By adding your website to a web directory, you get to provide your business information to potential customers who might be searching for the exact thing that you offer. Submit your website details to various websites to boost your SEO performance.

Some of the details that you will need to provide include the website name, description of the website, its link, and relevant information. Thus, when you submit your website to directories, it boosts your domain authority and you get to benefit from increased traffic. By investing in directory submissions, you will achieve better search engine rankings, increased link popularity, indexing of web pages, and generate more traffic.

  1. Content-Based Link Building

Content-based link building is another great SEO strategy that you can adopt. The goal should be to create something that you can use to get links. It will be in the form of content and can include images, videos, how-to guides, data visualization, and posts. By creating content, you will earn links from relevant sources. You can even reach out to interesting sources to build more links. It will take some time to acquire a ton of links.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has grown in popularity in recent times. The term cross-pollination is widely used to refer to guest blogging. It is a process where you approach other websites to find out if you can write content for them depending on whether they are interested in publishing what you have to write. It is an effective way to earn links. But, you should keep in mind that Google does not take lightly to abuse of links. Ever since guest blogging became extremely common, it has resulted in automated posts being created. Hence, to stand out in the crowd, you need to create high-quality content if you want to utilize it. 

  1. Ego Bait

Finally, ego bait is another content-based SEO link building tactic that you can use to boost your SEO ranking. It plays on the ego of people that get featured in the content. The reason why people want to be included is that it makes them feel better.  


Link building is an SEO strategy that requires plenty of research. It is vital that you focus on the SEO link building techniques mentioned in this post to boost your SEO rankings.

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Ellen Hollington

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