ShoppingIQ Powers Retail Growth with google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads has become an integral and beneficial for retail businesses since their launch in 2010. Mainly due to its visual nature, it is generally considered and accepted more effective compared to traditional PPC. Generally, shopping through Google has brought significant growth and a lot of exposure to retail businesses of different sizes. Without further ado, allow me to take you through top-rated technology in ShoppingIQ which allows you to leverage the benefits related to the growth of Google shopping in the world of eCommerce.

  1. Broader Reach

Did you know Google handles over 3.5 billion search queries per day? With Google shopping, retail business owners can benefit their businesses by responding directly to prospective customers. The variable products and services of your collections may appear in a single query only. And as a result, Google shopping lets you increase the awareness of any other related products you offer to clients. Admirably Goggle made changes on an algorithm, meaning the shopping ads appear in the search results for more generic and broader terms. The broader reach with high-quality customers is a win-win marketing plan to eventually increase your products’ sales.

  • Stand out among the competition

Your Google ads will eventually appear when clients are looking for specific products to win powerful purchase intentions. With helpful information and attractive pictures, retail businesses use Google Shopping ads to attract the right clients and stand out from the market competition, thus increasing sales in retail business owners.

  • Higher conversion rates

Google shopping has been tested and proven to have higher conversion rates compared to related ads. By using it, the retail business owners can enhance their click-through rate (CTR), decreases their cost per click (CPC) with ease. This eventually means that they will improve their return on investments. And higher return investments mean they enjoy excellent financial returns and success on their businesses, thereby generating more profitable sales by spending less.

  • It is a more qualified and better Traffic.

Google shopping brings dependable and more qualified clicks. By the time customer’s click on your specific ad, they already collected enough attractive information about your specific product and services. They eventually know how your products appear by the image, and still its budget via checking its price. And for this reason, customers are to click right on your shopping ads and have a stronger intent to buy.

  • Granular reporting opportunities

The reporting for Google shopping ads utilizes filters to eventually view how your products and services are performing at product group level, brand, and product. Further, someone can gain the benchmarking data to help get insights into how your specific product campaigns perform in the market. You will be capable of identifying chances for growth with impressive share data. Admirably, you will see the number of clicks a specific brand of product gets by filtering your services and product view

  • It simple to manage with ShoppingIQ

Text ads need advertisers to bid and select keywords they want to focus on. However, Google shopping ads are simple and eliminate keyword processes for business owners. Goggle tends to decide the right time to show your product ads based on your Google product feed. With ShoppingIQ, retail business owners are free to manipulate their data with their product description, title, and category for getting excellent results.


If you’re selling online or a retail business, Google shopping tech like ShoppingIQ is the way to go. It will boost traffic and promote your inventory to your shop or websites. And as a result, you will make the shopping experience more streamlined for customers. Take advantage of these ads tailored to the retail sector to grow your ecommerce store.