ShopiMind, the essential growth tool for your e-commerce!

In an ultra-competitive context, driven by increasingly versatile consumers, your e-commerce cannot do without the mechanisms of “Marketing Automation” – and in this field, ShopiMind is the tool you need: a 100% French solution that will allow you to generate up to 20% additional turnover and improve your conversion, loyalty and acquisition/retention rates thanks to an unlimited number of personalized reminders and 7 interconnected communication channels!

This is what I set up on my WPRank store, dedicated to selling my SEO theme for WordPress.

Essential features that hit the mark!

STOP to limited Marketing Automation tools that lead repeated assaults on customers and prospects, hammering the same messages until saturation: Use the SEO for automotive industry for the ShopiMind adopts a finer strategy and accessible to all, where automation is no longer visible to the recipient who is thus really considered wherever he is in the purchase funnel. As a result, 40 $ of additional turnover for 1 $ invested on average in your store!

ShopiMind is an intelligent and complete multi-channel marketing solution that brings you -finally! -:

  • Infinitely customizable scenarios, presented in the form of a workflow, with more than 30 triggers and conditions to configure to improve interactions with your target.
  • 7 interconnected communication channels on which to act: Email, Push notification, Smart content on Site, Pop-up, Display, SMS, Facebook Messenger. On each one, ShopiMind allows you to act and customize the parameters (title, logo, text, link… notifications and SMS, synchronization of your store with Messenger to integrate the products in the basket, etc.).
  • Retargeting and cross-selling: allows you to send an automatic reminder to anonymous visitors who have browsed your site without buying.
  • Real-time statistics: a hundred analysis KPI’s (opening rate, clicks, conversion, pre-sales times, etc.) to compare and measure, with interactive graphs for a better and quick understanding.
  • A monthly subscription without commitment, without commission on sales, unlimited whatever the size of your customer base or the number of reminders activated, from $89.90 excl.
  • A free, non-binding trial period with $2,500 in turnover offered by registering here (in 2 minutes)

With ShopiMind, recover your baskets without an account and boost your conversion rate!

An indicator of the effectiveness of your e-commerce, the conversion rate is generally defined as the number of sales obtained compared to the total number of unique visitors. But there are other fundamental conversions to consider: store sign-up, newsletter sign-up, white paper download, or recommendation.

To boost your conversion rate on ShopiMind, the workflow systematically starts from a trigger (abandons a basket, visits a page, etc.) and is divided into as many choices and possible situations (=infinite segmentation), calling for a personalized action to each of them (sending an email, displaying a push on the smartphone, etc.).

For example, you can decide that an abandoned basket with or without a customer account be relaunched within X hours or days by a well-defined message, thanks to the various channels, such as PUSH Notification, Facebook Messenger or retargeting, with, depending on the privileged channel, an adapted message.

With ShopiMind, fully exploit your customer base and easily generate additional turnover!

An indicator of the commitment of the customer base to your store, the loyalty rate is essential to any e-commerce activity insofar as each new conversion from an existing customer will always cost less than the first order from a new customer: therefore, it is imperative to exploit your customer base to easily generate additional turnover!

Here again, there are several fundamental scenarios to optimize your loyalty rate thanks to ShopiMind: the customer’s birthday, the relaunch of inactive customers, loyalty points, sponsorship, the reminder of the last order, a reward compared to the cumulative number of orders, segmented reminders following an order, etc.

With ShopiMind, optimize your acquisition/retention rate and transform your traffic into orders

The acquisition rate is calculated by dividing the number of customers acquired during a given period by the duration of this period. This is a natural process by the SEO Company that can be impacted by different criteria (graphics, customer experience, SEO visibility, responsive design, etc.). ShopiMind allows, here, to accelerate this process by deploying targeted and personalized actions, and thus allows to transform a maximum of the traffic which arrives on your site into customers.

On the other hand, the retention rate refers to the ability of a store to retain its customers, but also its visitors and prospects. ShopiMind will allow you to act on them in order to convert them before they leave your site!

To optimize your acquisition and retention rate, several fundamental scenarios will be possible thanks to Shop mind: incentive processes to register on the site or in the newsletter, interest on the site, push notifications following visiting a site/page, retention pop-up, etc.

A monthly subscription Shop mind without commitment

Compatible with many e-commerce CMS (Prestation, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify), ShopiMind integrates as easily as any module except that once installed, it provides the functionality of several add-ons at the same time!

This totally innovative web marketing solution also stands out from its competitors through 4 approaches that you will not fail to appreciate:

A non-binding subscription

Do you have a seasonal business? You can use ShopiMind only during this one and that, even if it turns out to be extremely short. Like a Christmas tree seller who can use this tool from mid-November to interrupt it at the end of December.

No commission on sales

The payment of the subscription is not accompanied by additional commissions on each sale: the pricing is therefore fixed and without surprise, based on the traffic on your site in number of pages viewed and the first level of which is $89.90. excl. VAT/month.

An unlimited number of raises

If ShopiMind offers 7 reminders immediately ready to use, it does not prevent you – on the contrary – from configuring dozens, even hundreds of others, depending on your objectives. To do this, you can take advantage of the expertise of Shop mind’s best partners, such as Sylvain Cabaret from the Web marketing Specialist agency with whom we collaborate and with whom we hosted this webinar:

A trial period of $2,500 offered based on the turnover generated

Here, there is no need to run after time to freely test ShopiMind: the trial period is not subject to a deadline (1 week, 15 days, etc.), but to a sum to be reached. In other words, as long as this tool has not enabled you to generate the “promised” additional turnover (namely $2,500), you will not pay the monthly subscription.

Deny Smith

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