Shoot Schedule Mistakes You Should Never Make

Most people think directing a film or writing the script or editing, or even creative detailing of the film project is the most difficult task. They are at their own level; however, nothing can compare to the difficulty of the shooting schedule. If you try to plan a get-together with ten to fifteen career-oriented friends or family members, you will notice it is not an easy task at all, and film projects involve at least two hundred people.

You might only see fifteen to twenty or fewer or more people on screen in a feature film, but there is an extensive army working behind the scenes. The whole film is not shot in the same location, and showing time elapse is also necessary. All of these points have to be noted for proper shoot scheduling, but the assigned authorities end up makinga few mistakes which add to the hassle of everyone on the set.

If you are unaware, give a detailed read to this article and explore the shoot schedule mistakes you should never make.

Top 6 Shoot Schedule Mistakes You Must Avoid

Scheduling the film shoot is an extensive and expert-level responsibility that rookies cannot handle at all. If you are seeing everyone on the set complaining about their schedule, it means that you have trusted some amateur with the responsibility. If you have done it yourself, maybe you are not an expert too. Learn about shoot scheduling mistakes and make sure never to repeat them.

Some of the major shoot schedule mistakes that you must avoid at all costs include the following;

1. Block Shooting

One of the biggest challenges in shoot scheduling is opting for a linear or nonlinear schedule, which makes the authorities commit the mistake of block shooting. Linear shooting can become hectic if it involves exploring other locations, and nonlinear shooting is a hassle due to continuity planning and issues. This is why many filmmakers hire production houses in Abu Dhabi and let theexperts manage and handle the schedule in the best possible manner.

2. Micro Block Shooting

Micro-block shooting is the next mistake that you need to avoid at all costs. In this type of shooting schedule, linear shooting is arranged at the same location for days, which does not prioritize the scenes of actors but the sequence. Due to this, the actors required for two days end up working for the whole week. Therefore, schedules should be made while ensuring proper time consumption.

3. Day and Night Flips

Day and night flips are one of the most significant shoot scheduling mistakes that often end up upsetting everyone on the set.This is the type of mistake when the schedulers do not give a break to cast and crew while flipping from day shoot to night or vice versa. The cast and crew end up working for twenty-four hours straight. To avoid this issue, you must schedule flip on an off day.

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4. Poor Actor Schedule

One of the most common shoot schedule mistakes that you must avoid at all costs is the poor actor schedule. No actor is required to be on the set from day one to the last of the shoot. If you book the schedule of an actor for one scene throughout the week, it is grave injustice as it will waste their time and make them commute as well as get ready for one scene every day. Make sure everyone has balanced work while it does not take a toll on crew and production.

5. Forgoing Documentation

If you are forgoing documentation in your shoot schedule, it is the worst mistake that can add up the production losses. If you have developed a shooting schedule, having it in digital form and sharing it with concerned people is not enough. You must take the prints, distribute them, and display them on the set so that the crew members are also aware of when they will be needed for what on the sets.

6. Abrupt Location Changes

Abrupt location changes are the biggest shoot schedule mistake that you must avoid at all costs to limit unnecessary hassle and major loss. Attimes, the shoot is scheduled in a manner that the cast and crew to move frequently between different locations, which takes a huge toll on transporting equipment too. You must wrap the shoot from one location before moving to another. If you are unable to handle it professionally, it is better to hire production houses in Abu Dhabi and let the experts manage the shooting schedule without any flaw or hassle.

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Are You Struggling with The Shooting Schedule?

It is quite expected, and common as managing around two hundred people is not an easy task. However, it is a piece of cake for professionals due to their years-long experience. Instead of trying to sort out everything on your own, get in touch with professionals and let them offer their expertise to prepare and manage your shoot schedule.