Shipping Pallets: Everything You Need To Know

What is shipping Pallet Online? You must have heard at least one complaint about a damaged shipment, lost part of it in transit, or that shipment was not accepted for shipping due to incorrect packaging. No matter the reason, a damaged or delayed shipment will ultimately cost your business. Understanding standard freight packaging is essential, as well as understanding pallets.

You probably know a lot about the different products and packaging methods. If you’re already involved in freight shipping, pallets are likely to be used for your shipments. There are still some shippers that don’t use pallets. Then again, some want to expand their international shipping options or start shipping new products. No matter what reason, this pallet guide will help you get started.

Introduction And Types Of Shipping Pallets

Technically, a pallet is a flat-surfaced structure made from wood, metal or plastic. It can enhance the security and safety of goods during shipping. A pallet allows shippers to place goods on top as a raised structure. The raised bottom makes it easy to move the goods even with material handling equipment. Wooden pallets are the most common material used extensively in freight shipping.

There are many types of pallets available. The best pallet to ship depends on the goods being shipped, the origin and destination of the goods, and the transport mode used. There are generally two types of pallets: Block and Stringer.

Stringer pallets are also known as two-way pallets. They have three long pieces made of wood that support the ends and middle of a pallet’s upper and lower decks. These pallets are two-way because they can be picked by material handling equipment from only two sides.

Block pallets on the other side have blocks at the edges of each pallet’s upper and lower decks. These pallets can be used from all four sides and are known as four-way. Block pallets are used for heavier shipments because they provide more significant support.

Other types of pallets are available, such as single-wing, double-wing, double-face pallets, and solid deck pallets. Each of these pallets has unique attributes and can be used for different types of shipping.

Why Should You Use Shipping Pallets?

Pallet Carriers can have a significant impact on the optimisation of freight shipping. This is the main reason pallets are preferred by companies all over the globe, despite the additional cost.

Pallets protect goods from damage and loss when they pass through multiple handling points, including loading and unloading.

Pallets allow for faster loading and unloading, thereby enabling faster deliveries.

The pallets’ constant shape allows them to be stacked well and increases storage efficiency in warehouses or during transport.

Pallets allow you to combine multiple goods and package them on one pallet. This saves space and eliminates the need to track multiple pallets or boxes.

Pallets can be moved and placed by workers using forklifts or other handling equipment for shipping companies.

Pallets can be easily found and are readily available if you have the skills to pack them yourself. All you need to do is pick up the Pallet Delivery Service. If you are in Australia, and you need to ship a pallet, check out the same-day pallet delivery Sydney service.