Shieldon EDC Fixed Blade Knives: Redefining High-utility, Comfort, and Style

Shieldon has once again wielded its innovative manufacturing wand and delivered an outstanding range of EDC fixed blade knives. Their designs are not only versatile but also demonstrate how reimagining fixed blade knives can deliver a superior user experience. 

The range comprises hunting knives, fishing knives, butcher knives, bowie knives, and camping knives. 

User-friendly Handles

Shieldon balances blade and handle dimensions to make this a fixed blade knife collection that meets the needs of different users. 

The JM-1029 and JM-1028, for example, are both fixed blade hunting knives that offer outstanding utility. However, the JM-1029 has a longer handle that would provide a better grip for tasks that require a wider range of motion. It may also be more comfortable to handle for users with larger hands. 

Beyond size, the handles are ergonomically curved for even easier maneuvering. Their materials range from ABS, wood, and G-10 which provides remarkable grip and handle durability. 

Blades with a Difference

On blades, the Shieldon team stays true to  creativity and does not conform to typical blade designs. Our EDC fixed blades come in different point styles and curvatures to enhance their performance for different applications. 

The fixed blade fishing knives, in particular, showcase Shieldon’s top-tier blade ingenuity. Some have straight and sturdy blades that can be used to cut off bait or trim fishing lines. In contrast, others, like the FX-FK005, have curved pointy blades with serrated spines for easy descaling or even filleting.

All blades are made using stainless steel. While this is a common blade material, Sheildon makes its fixed blades stand out through detail-oriented manufacturing. Each blade is individually ground for ultimate smoothness then milled to a specific caliber to achieve sharpness and ensure great edge retention. 

A Stunning Look

If you are a true knife enthusiast or collector, you would likely agree that aesthetics are key. Shieldon concurs. The contrast of materials used to make our fixed blade knife designs is eye-catching. Some handles are embellished using decorative patterns while some blades stand out due to their unique surface finishes.


Knife handling 101 recommends that you keep your EDC fixed blade knives safe whether you are out on a camping trail or fishing.

Shieldon makes this easy by providing sheaths. The leather sheaths could easily be attached to a belt when you are on the go while the plastic ones can safely be tucked away in a jacket pocket or backpack.


With over 23 years of experience in knife-making, Shieldon is fully capable and equipped to customize any of these EDC fixed blade knives for ODM projects. Our manufacturing expertise is also well-honed and would be of great value in OEM.
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