Shepard Fairey Art For Sale Under $1,500

The Frank Shepard Fairey is an award-winning artist in America that became popular for his street art known as Andre the Giant Has a Posse. Shepard has contributed to several artworks ranging from street art to excellent graphic designs, social activism, illustration, and pop art.


One of the things that made him famous in America and the world at large is the HOPE poster he designed for Barack Obama, which later gave him the award to become one of the best and most influential street artists.


His early life was based in South Carolina, where he lived with his family. Frank graduated in 1988 and got involved in the artwork by drawing on a skateboard as well as T-shirt. After his graduation, he engaged himself entirely to the work of art, where he owned a printing business.


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Shepard’s Art For Sale Under $1,500

Shepard organize his first museum exhibition, which was titled supply and demand and later featured over 250 work in different media, including the collages, screen prints, and many others. Check out the list of Shepard Fairey prints and Shepard Fairey art for sale under $1,500.


Unique Damaged Stencil Series

The unique damage stencil series has a set of eight works that was signed by Shepard Fairey. It has an offset that is located on the screen paper. It also comes in excellent condition with paper size and an image size of 18 × 24 inches. These Shepard  Fairey prints are available for $1,300.


Duality Of Humanity

The Duality of humanity by Shepard Fairey is available in several dimensions. They are sold at the same price of $800.00, but there is a little difference between the two. It is hand-signed and numbered by Shepard Fairey, and the image size is also 18 × 24 inches.


Destruction And Denial

The destruction and denial by Shepard Fairey (Obey) have a screen print on the speckeltone paper. It is signed and numbered by Frank, and the paper size, as well as the image size of this artwork, is 18 × 24 inches.Besides, it is available at $600.00. The disposable heroes by Frank Shepard Fairey are unique in their styles. It has a serigraph hand signed and dated. The image size and paper size are also 18 × 24 inches. This Shepard artwork is available in our store for as low as $500.00.


European Invasion

The European invasion by Shepard Fairey is also available in our store. If you are aiming to get the lower price of Shepard artwork under $1,500, this is suitable. It goes for $950.00. Also, the European invasion z trip is hand-signed and numbered.


Unique CLEMENTINE Artwork By Shepard

The clementine by Frank Shepard is available for $500.00 in our store. You can order for your own as it is signed and numbered. The paper size, as well as the image size, is 18 × 34 inches, and it comes with an excellent condition. You can find more interesting details about Shepard Fairey Art For Sale – Edward Kurstak Art Gallery here.


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